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    After preventing all cars having diffusers this year FIA have allowed Red Bull to continue virtually with their old undercarriage. No F1 car is as good as RB unless

    they are cheating in some way. After Melbourne and Without KERS the question is..which team will complain first(and rightly so).If this is the new F1 then I say 1. bring back refueling,

    2. let the drivers drive with any amount of tyres

    3. No rules barred for the car and how it looks.

    As it is today F1 is less exciting than ..watching old age pensioners knitting, and they do sometimes get up and move around…unlike sundays stroll in the park.


    If the) car is so good, why did webber perform so bad ? He is driving the same car as Vettel isn’t he ? Renault, Ferrari and Mclaren all finished in front of a redbull.. The only thing scary is how good Vettel actually is.


    And 15 Kg lighter in weight


    And they didn’t have KERS to lug arond.


    Err what??


    Totally agree I fell asleep the only xcitment was lewis giving it his best and jenson over taking the brazillian blocker

    Andy W

    How about you let the season develop a bit before you write it off….

    I know how right everyone was after Bahrain last year and what an absolute snorefest of a season it was, and how every race just got duller and duller… Remember EJ talking about watching the grass growing being the highlight of the season.

    The 1st race with new regs is always a bit dull, because teams want to make sure they finish the race… They don’t want to throw away a handful of points this early in the season on taking a risky and ultimately pointless gamble… McLaren junked a load of their advanced designs and made their car go far quicker than it did in pre-season testing.

    Red Bull took a gamble and didn’t run KERS at all… and it worked out for one of their drivers…. the other thou…. it appears to have hurt… had Webber been able to punch a KERS button and attack Lewis in the 1str corner of the race to equal Lewis’ ability to recover from a bad start by punching his KERS… What if Lewis had made a good start (no wheel spin) and passed Vettel, could Seb have attacked him back?

    All I can suggest is that if you find old folks knitting more exciting than F1, and see that as being the rest of the season that maybe this isn’t the sport for you….. Personally I found this race to be good but nothing special (despite a number of great drives), I thought DRS was poorly implemented and didn’t have the desired effect… but using it is a learning process both for the people who set the regulations for each individual race, and for the drivers who get to use it and need to defend against it. KERS is a new technology, most of the grid don’t have any experience with it… there is going to be a steep learning curve, but hey thats part of the sport… I remember when turbos were introduced… they gave an obvious power advantage… but also blew up on a regular basis… the same can be said for f ducts, blown diffusers, double diffusers, skirts, traction control, automatic gear boxes, hell even wings if you go back far enough…..


    Totally agree I fell asleep the only xcitment was lewis giving it his best and jenson over taking the brazillian blocker and further we all know battle gets the best parts as do alonso and as mark webber said not bad for a number 2 driver

    Prisoner Monkeys

    they are cheating in some way.

    Don’t be ridiculous. Just because someone has built an exceptional car, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re cheating.

    And don’t write the season off just because Vettel dominated in Melbourne. Jenson Button did the same thing in 2009, but by the end of the season, he was holding on for dear life to try and secure the crown.

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