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2014-2015 Formula E calendar

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    Ten rounds planned for the first ever Formula E season:

    20 September 2014 – Beijing, China*
    18 October 2014 – Putrajaya, Malaysia
    8 November 2014 – Hong Kong
    13 December 2014 – Punta del Este, Uruguay
    10 January 2015 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
    14 February 2015 – Los Angeles, USA
    18 April 2015 – Miami, USA
    9 May 2015 – Monte Carlo, Monaco*
    30 May 2015 – Berlin, Germany
    27 June 2015 – London, UK

    *Subject to approval

    Lucas Wilson

    No Rome race?


    I was really surprised to see Monaco on there (what is the * about, is it still provisional?)


    @bascb Yes


    It’s a surprise not to see Rome in the calendar. I wonder what happened.

    R.J. O’Connell

    I know Formula E wants to have small tracks, but I’d really love for them to be able to run the Monaco GP circuit if at all possible.


    Not the most exciting series I’m expecting for, but certainly pleased that they chose Punta del Este for a race. Though, if it happens like the Argentinean TC2000 race some years ago, it’s gonna be a crashfest. I hope the guys in charge make the track a little wider.
    Last time it was used, the layout was like this:


    And here’s an onboard lap. Damn it’s narrow!

    Iestyn Davies

    Rio – too much on its plate with World Cup and Olympics imminent. They also demolished Jacarepagua for the Olympics. They need to deal with themselves as a city first after the changes that will be made for these two large events. Maybe this is a quickly put together solution – although it seems that the track has been used before/is established. Can’t help but think Interlagos would be a good track for the series eventually.

    Rome – probably not enough money/backing atm, Monaco holds more prestige as well. Could be backed with the Monaco GP 1 week later.

    Bangkok – recently passed the no Motorsport in the city law to get rid of the F1 bid. Hong Kong is rich and probably wants to compete with Macau.


    It’s a shame that they dropped some great sounding locations for these ones in my opinion :/


    Hong Kong? LA? Miami? Berlin? London?

    I would LOVE to see some races around those cities, but I still can’t believe that will happen.


    Man, the track in the video doesn’t even look fit for a bike race!


    WOW! How could I not have known about this? A race in Putrajaya?

    I live in Malaysia, actively follow news in print and online, and am surprised no one picked up on this.

    Sounds interesting, especially since I presume the race will be held on the streets of Putrajaya. It’s pretty close to Sepang really…in fact I believe Putrajaya was carved up from the district of Sepang in the latest 1990s.

    Still, it’s a pretty quiet place, far away from the KL city. I’ve never been to Sepang, but I’d go watch a street race at Putrajaya for sure!

    Iestyn Davies

    I’m surprised they haven’t just gone simply to Sepang, but a street race fits with city driving and taking it to the people. I have family in Seremban. Would you class Putrajaya as KL overspill, suburbs or a new town?

    My ideal 12 round calendar for year 1:
    1. Beijing, if Shanghai unavailable
    2. Macau, backed with Macau GP, else Hong Kong
    3. Sepang
    4. Interlagos, backed with Brazilian GP (after that they are renovating the track for 2015?)
    5. Buenos Aires
    6. Mexico City *(test race ahead of Mexican GP, if possible, if not, COTA?)
    7. Los Angeles/Long Beach if possible
    8. New Jersey GP test race/Miami
    9. Monaco, backed with Monaco GP
    10. Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Spa etc. or Berlin
    11. Rome (once money can be found to organise it.. else Monza, Imola etc.)
    12. Silverstone, Brands, Donington etc. or London GP

    Maybe sticking with known circuits, and against the ethos of the series, but I would use the tracks as they are there for that reason! From a driver’s perspective. I’m sure the street city races will be a hit – a bit like old races like the Birmingham Superprix?

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