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2017-18 Formula E calendar

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    The fourth season of Formula E, running from 2017 to 2018, is due to begin in December; Two months later than the last two seasons and three months later than the original one.

    Again there are quite a lot of new venues on the calendar, and the preference for triple-headers is growing. Here’s the 13-race calendar announced today by the FIA:

    2nd December – Hong Kong race one
    3rd December – Hong Kong race two
    13th January – Morocco (Marrakech)
    3rd February – Chile (Santiago)*
    17th March – Brazil (Sao Paulo)*
    14th April – Italy (Rome)*
    28th April – France (Paris)
    19th May – Germany (TBA)*
    9th June – TBA (TBA)*
    7th July – USA race one (New York)
    8th July – USA race two (New York)
    28th July – Canada race one (Montreal)
    29th July – Canada race two (Montreal)

    *New venue


    The race in Brazil has been postponed a year as the park it was supposed to take place in has been privatised:


    I like how the media here are sorta hyping Brazil being dropped from the schedule since it could mean Punta del Este would be back. As if. Unfortunately, childish government disputes scared FE away from Uruguay. I bet they’re just fine with Buenos Aires and Santiago.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wish so hard Punta could be back on the schedule, but as I always say online, Uruguay is an awesome country run by dumb people.


    That’s a shame, I was looking forward to a new track. At least we still have 3 other new ones though, and the 2 that have been revealed so far look good to me, purely from a layout perspective.


    Well, Punta del Este has been confirmed as the replacement for the Brazilian round. Never been so happy to be wrong. Guess you never know!


    Just got around to updating the Formula E calendar following the news a few days ago that the season finale double header at Montreal has been cancelled:


    Just seen that the Zurich layout was revealed about a month ago.

    This is the satellite view of it.

    Disappointingly, although it might work out better, the track seems to be run in the wrong direction. However, the run down to turn 10 and then the run from turn 10 to turn 1 are both about equal in length with the longest straights we’ve seen in FE (approx 600/650m). Also not too many places to recover energy, so we might see more energy harvesting in the areas that it can be than usual. Either way, turn 1 could be a fun corner at high speeds. Let’s see if it can provide overtaking into turn 2.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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