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Are you watching the new Formula E season?

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    The new Formula E season starts this weekend in Saudi Arabia. It’s the seventh running of the championship which began in 2014, and now includes manufacturers such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, DS, Nissan, BMW and Porsche – though some of those will leave at the end of the year.

    The all-electric championship has developed a reputation for unpredictability and close racing. The cars are quite a bit slower than other top-flight single-seaters, however, and novelties such as the almost entirely street-based calendar plus Attack Mode and Fanboost aren’t to everyone’s taste.

    Are you watching the championship this year? have you watched it before? And what do you make of how the series has developed since its introduction?


    I was set to get fully into it as my second thing to F1, but then heard about the fanboost thing and then couldn’t care less. I believe there’s even some other gimmickries like boost zones or whatever-it-is. Hardly even check the results.


    No. I was really excited about the series before it started in 2014, but even the races that were labeled crazy or something, they bored me (maybe the 2014 Punta del Este race was the most exciting), and I rarely watched races after 2017. I watched the Berlin finale last summer for lack of a better program, and it’s good that they got rid of the car swapping, but the new boost zone or whatever it’s called makes the show even worse than the fanboost. The cars look like a struggle to drive and it’s almost painful to watch (kudos to Loic Duval saying something like this a while ago; I don’t get why they don’t use slick tires), and the city tracks are completely non-interesting, and the coverage was never too captivating, interesting. Plus the constant hyping up the series by Agag and the like, when it’s clear that the public interest in the series isn’t growing quickly, was really annoying, while at the same time you couldn’t get news about the series on race day if you weren’t following the right journalists, because they crammed all the running in one day and the news sites couldn’t keep up.

    Maybe some of the things improved in the last few years, but whenever I caught glimpses of the series, it didn’t look any better than before. Overall in my opinion, it’s a bad show presented badly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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