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Formula E launches Fanboost: Will you vote?

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    Formula E has launched its Fanboost page where viewers can vote for which drivers get power boosts during the race:

    Drivers are trying to whip up their followers to vote for them:

    Will you be voting for anyone? Or are you, like me, wishing there was a button to vote for ‘none of them, this is a horrible gimmick?’

    Also, could they not have found better quality pictures of the drivers?


    The voting page is a bit strange, unless it looks better on phone, having them 2 next to each other and having to scroll down is a bit awkward for me.

    I did put in my vote (Jaime A. for now), I guess this is going to be a bit of Motorsportshow reality TV, let’s hope it brings fans in for real motorsport too over time.

    Craig Woollard

    It’s definitely one I don’t particularly like. Also I cannot be bothered to register just to give somebody I prefer to Daniel Abt or whoever a few extra horsepower for a couple of seconds.

    Formula e definitely needs to differentiate itself from Formula One, but bringing in weird things like fanboost will probably turn away a few. It’s arguably worse than DRS (F1, not FR3.5) because somebody who is in front can use it as a defensive tool.

    I’ll be giving Formula e a chance, I’m intrigued by it, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be watching every single race like I do with F1 or IndyCar.

    Oli Peacock

    I show my support to people who want to do well, such as liking a status on Facebook or liking a video on YouTube. So, I will be voting, not because I want to see overtakes or a ‘spectacle’ but because I want my favorite driver to do well and show support.


    I guess having only 1 gimmick means it’s less gimmicky than F1 already.

    Jimbo Hull

    It’s all well and good claiming you want your favourite driver to do well when voting but at the end of the day you’re just taking part in the reality spectacle of this sport. It’s hardly a sport when you’re required to ‘sell’ yourself as part of your on track ability. Yeah the modern day driver has to be likable and approachable for the sake of sponsors but this is way to far for me. Having to have such a part of your personality be so important is kinda silly when you spent your entire career honing your driving skills and not your ability to befriend a fan base for ‘votes’.

    Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.


    Jaime Alguersuari, because he is the hottest driver in the world by far. <3

    Also, this is all for a single 2.5 second boost?

    Really not that big of a deal, is it? That might not even result in a single overtake.


    NEVER. In fact, I am not going to watch Formula E as long as they do not get rid of “fanboost”.

    There are plenty of shows and TV series on TV and I really love some of them. However, when I watch a sports channel, I do not expect to see “Farmer Wants a Wife” or “The X Factor” there.

    If you let fans decide, which driver gets a boost or which football player gets a red card, then you can do that but please do not call it a sport.

    Max Jacobson

    I’m voting for the driver that proves least popular, because I think it’s ridiculous and unsporting.


    Well, the idea is completely stupid and I would never vote because I want to… but the urge to make an auto-clicker for Trulli is just too strong for me ;)


    I think a lot of people are taking Formula-E far too seriously, and I’m not sure that’s the right way to approach it. I think if the teams, drivers and fans look at is less as an out-and-out pure competition and more of a bit of ‘fun’, this could actually be a really enjoyable series to follow.

    A bit like how NASCAR embraces its fans and tends to sacrifice pure racing elements in order to provide entertaining races for its fans. Sure, it can be a bit contrived at times, but NASCAR is awesomely entertaining if you accept it for what it is and the drivers are perfectly happy to go along with things in the spirit of providing a good product.

    I like the idea of Formula-E being a ‘casual’ racing series. This is a bunch of former F1 drivers racing electric cars around ridiculous street tracks! Why not go all-out with the ‘entertainment’ elements? Make it motorsport’s equivalent of Twenty-20 cricket! And considering the ‘FanBoost’ is just for a single, 2.5 second boost that may or may not result in an overtake to begin with, is it really all that ridiculous?

    I’m really looking forward to the series starting and I’m going to treat it like a bit of fun. Formula-E doesn’t have any heritage or legacy to live up to, so it can be as gimmicky as it wants, as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be watching it with a different approach and attitude to how I watch other major racing series.

    The difference with Formula 1 is that the F1 World Championship has a heritage, a history and a concept of being about the ultimate drivers and the ultimate machines trying to complete a set distance around a track as quickly as possible. Introducing gimmicks like a FanBoost or standing starts after Safety Cars into Formula 1 does offend me, because it goes against the very core of what the sport stands for.

    I get that a lot of people might not like the idea, but I do feel that many are approaching Formula E with the same mindset they do Formula 1 or IndyCar. I think if we all see it as being something far less ‘serious’, there could be a lot of fun to be had.

    Craig Woollard

    Actually I think Mag Geoff makes a point. If Formula e has all of the ridiculous gimmicks and artificial things then that will hopefully deter the FIA from putting them in F1 or WEC instead.



    I’m not too fussed by the Fanboost. It’s not a major selling point but it’s not a major turn off either. 2.5 sec is not a major amount of time & it may not have that big an effect around street circuits.

    I’m a bit perplexed by the “race soundtrack” but until the first race I cannot have a critical opinion of it and it may very well work.

    I applaud the FE guys for trying something different and it definitely will not be an F1 replacement but it should be a good series. The cars look great compared to the carbon copy race cars of the majority of European single seater series & the hideousness of current F1 cars.

    Roll on June 15.


    With my feet.

    I wish they’d try out all the other gimmicks there first before dumping them on F1.


    I won’t vote – unless voting earns me Genesis’ Supper’s Ready or Yes’ Close to the Edge or Rush’s 1st side of their Hemispheres album during the race – and considering how they seem to underrate me a bit as a youngster I’ll ask a <10-year-old style unrelated question (despite being a bit older than that) of whether they’ve even listened to those songs

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