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Formula E launches Fanboost: Will you vote?

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    At least Sky Sports had more sense than the FIA:


    Had an interesting exchange of views with Marc Priestly about fanboost on his blog today:


    Hm, interesting discussion about sport / entertainment and fan boost. I agree with you on the purity of sport side Keith as well as on the fallacy of the “it won’t make much of a difference anyhow” argument (why then vote if its of no consequence!). On the other hand, I am interested in FE, and while having FanBoost in there means that this definitely comes under sports-entertainment rather than sports as such, I think its fine if they try it as such.
    It might mean people getting more interested in motorsports because of seeing this show on, so I guess that is a positive.


    Read Keith’s discussion with Marc Priestley. Indeed, “the best way to understand your own opinion about these things is to debate it with someone else.” It is a nice debate but I am still on Keith’s side, 100%.

    From the discussion:

    What it does do is push drivers and teams to engage with their fans, to exploit the social media platform and to work hard at it

    I believe it is a terrible way of engaging with fans and only reveals complete lack of imagination if they could not think of anything better. I unfollowed Rebellion Racing in February because my timeline was full with their requests for votes in the Shorty Awards. I do not want to follow spam accounts. I also believe that drivers should not “exploit the social media platform” if they do not want to do it. Would we really want to see Raikkonen and Vettel join Twitter just to beg the fans for #fanboost? (Not that I think they would do it.) If a driver does not feel like posting stuff on Twitter, FB or Instagram, just leave him alone.


    No prizes for who I voted for


    No prizes for who I voted for

    Didn’t know you could vote for Montoya too! :-P


    I propose for F1, they adapt the voting idea and have a list of gimmicks that fans can vote out of the sport. Do you vote to get rid of DRS? Do you vote for proper tyres? Do you vote to get rid of double points?

    The saddest part is that removing even one of those still leaves the other two as major, unresolved issues.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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