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Formula E reveal New York City track

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    Formula E is set to beat Formula 1 to gaining an event in a major location, and this time it’s one of the places Bernie Ecclestone covets most: New York City. Here’s how the track will look:

    Formula E Brooklyn Circuit

    The course measures just under two kilometres at 1.947km (1.21 miles). It is scheduled to host the 2016-17 season finale on July 29th-30th.


    Create a G-Map of the circuit (it’s pretty close but not perfect), in case any one wanted to have a look.


    Also, I must say I quite like this circuit. It has no silly chicanes and some flowing corners too. Looking forward to this one quite a bit. Plus, the scenery should be amazing.


    @PhilEReid The mistake I keep making with these Formula E tracks is looking at the plans and thinking ‘oh yeah, that looks alright’ and forgetting that because they’re half the size of F1 circuits that means they’re actually much tighter and slower than I expect.

    But yes, at least they don’t appear to have designed in any chicanes which is always good. Turns four and 11/12 look promising.


    And even if you look at a F1 street circuit first time you forget that by placing the curbs on the wrong places e.g. in Baku at turn 37 (penultimate real turn).

    Chris Barksdale

    Any NYC residents here? The tickets are on sale now, with a discount through the month of February. I won’t make it to a real Grand Prix, so I’ll might take my boys to this…

    It looks like the track has been changed a bit since September, and is possibly still being adjusted.

    This image is from the FE website:
    FIA Formula E NYC Track Map

    And this is from Ticketmaster:
    Ticketmaster Formula E NYC Track Map

    We might get some pointless chicanes after all!

    Also note only one grandstand, near the start/finish line and the hairpin, facing away from the water, with no view of the pits, and a long walk to the eVillage event building…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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