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Formula E Round 1: Beijing ePrix

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    Prost got a 10 place grid penalty.

    I enjoyed the race a lot, I was afraid a bit that there wouldn’t even be too much overtakes even in the middle of the pack but there was (kudos to Montagny, he put on a great show), and it was great to see that the race victory came down to the last corner of the last lap – just a shame it ended like this, such a late win by Heidfeld would have been fun to see (and I’m not even his fan). Prost’s move, well… Surely he wouldn’t have made it like this if he had more single-seater experience, but still it was an ugly move, I hope it won’t happen again.


    I really, really liked that! I didn’t mind the pitstops at all and (luckily) didn’t notice the fanboost. They need to stop playing music throughout the race though, if anything it’s emphasising the lack of sound the cars produce instead of covering it up. The racing was good, but the cars will need to get faster the next couple of seasons. And the cars look fantastic, way better than modern Formula 1 cars! The high noses are a ridiculous choice though, we’re stuck with those butt-ugly noses in F1 because the FIA wants the nosetip to be down lower and then they design these cars with high noses? Right.

    And was Prost trying to commit murder? Was genuinely worried about Heidfeld there, that crash looked serious.

    Can’t wait for the next race.


    I really enjoyed the race, though the crash scared me, I’m glad no marshals were on the outside of that corner. The formula EJ was a bit ridiculous.


    Early days but I was disappointed. No laptimes, live timing not working yet, no battery state apart from an occasional list, and that confusing multi graphic. We need to see battery state all the time we’re looking at a car IMO.

    The pitstops in the garages with no rush were an anticlimax, the whiny noise was grating and the synthetic drum musak was terrible!

    Prost should have been thrown out of the series IMO, they needed the right guy to win not have the very first race so nearly end with a fatality. Soft penalty for something to brazen and dangerous is not a good sign.

    I really want it to work, so hopefully things will improve.


    I think a 10 place penalty is fair enough. I don’t think there was malice in Prost’s actions, though it was an exceptionally rash and silly move made in the heat of the moment, and without those stupid high kerbs Heidfeld would’ve spun harmlessly into the barrier. I wouldn’t have complained about a race ban to set an example though, and Prost was pretty classless in the aftermath.

    The race itself was good, better than you’d expect from such a tight track. I liked that the cars were seemingly able to run close together, and that overtaking was possible where it probably wouldn’t be in other single seaters. Once we get to more open tracks we could have some really good races. I also like the cars, they look good enough and I don’t have a problem with their speed or sound.

    The presentation let it down. The music was unnecessary and annoying and the graphics were almost impossible to read (the speed/gear graphic was excellent though, I’d like to have seen more of it). Also, while I’m glad that Fanboost had a negligible effect, it’s still a stupid idea and it really needs to go.

    Overall, a good start. There’s plenty of room for improvement (especially in presentation) but I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Fer no.65

    The time zone didn’t do any favours for me so I couldn’t watch it. Too bad it was on friday’s night, basically, I was exhausted.

    But I’ve just seen Prost’s move. God, what an awful one ! and what a nasty crash!

    Nic Morley

    Well that was actually quite enjoyable.
    Stupid move from Prost and I am so relieved Heidfeld came out unscathed from that one. Still quite a start to the series, final lap, final corner, fighting for the win and then bang. What are with these sausage kerbs. Without them Heidfeld would have just spun into the barriers. Instead he was thrown up in the air by a kerb! Into the barrier on a nasty angle which made my heart stop. Very happy Heidfeld is okay, but he was so close to that win. I think I will be supporting Heidfeld in this series.

    Craig Woollard

    A very good race and a very good concept but there’s definitely room for improvement, but all in all, I was impressed by Formula E’s first race.

    I thought the ‘playlist’ in the background was shockingly awful but with a bit of work that could work quite nicely for things like safety car periods. I also felt that the death by chicane circuit could do with improvement and less sausage kerbs after Heidfeld’s accident. With the quality in the line-up, I expected nothing less from the racing, which was generally very clean and very good. It was almost like watching an IndyCar race on a street course but without the constant caution periods. I was also impressed to see five teams or so all running towards the front, which is good to see. The TV graphics were awful, there’s no other way to put it. I could barely see them (and the TV that I was watching it on isn’t small) and half of them didn’t work. The ITV team including Jennie Gow, Jann Mardenborough and Dario Franchitti worked pretty well.

    I will be watching again, but I expect to see vast improvements in the 10-week gap.

    EDIT: Also, Franck Montagny has a new fan.

    Fer no.65

    I’m now watching the race (it’s full on youtube). What’s the deal with the background music? it’s not even up Need for Speed standards!

    EDIT: Ey ! this is nice racing !


    Pleasantly surprised by that first race. The racing was good, although Prost’s move was monumentally stupid.

    Some things I didn’t really like: the music during the race was just silly, if I want music to be played I will just use iTunes or something. The main thing I didn’t like was that the cars didn’t really look that fast to me. Also, ITV should tune down the sound of the engines, because the whistle was a bit annoying. And the warm-up lap just seemed to take forever.

    But on the upside, the pit stops weren’t as silly as I thought it would be. I always thought the fanboost thing wouldn’t be as big as some had suggested, and I was very happy to see it wasn’t visible at all. The constant whining of ‘Formula E looks interesting, but the fanboost..’, by F1F in particular, was unjustified in the end.

    So yeah, thought it was great, already looking forward to the next race! :)

    Craig Woollard

    @Andae23 The reason why the cars didn’t look very fast is because they aren’t very fast ;)


    @craig-o Fair enough :P


    For whatever reason I just never really got into that race, Even when there was some good racing/overtaking going on.

    I think perhaps a part of the reason was that everything just felt slow & seemed to take forever. The formation lap was so slow it seemed to take about half hour, The pit stops seemed to take an age & the overall sense of speed while the cars were on track was lacking as was the excitement of actually watching the cars been driven.

    The music was really annoying, Exactly the kind of DJ/Club music which I can’t stand which made it worse.
    Coverage wise it was good, There was a bit too much going on with the telemetry graphic but the actual world-feed coverage was OK. The ITV Pre/Post race stuff however was dreadful.

    It was also disappointing that they have 4 live OnBoard feeds available on there official tablet/mobile app which are only available in the US.
    Was equally disappointing that the OnBoards were not used a great deal on world-feed & that only 3-4 cars seemed to carry one, I also missed having Team Radio played out in some way.

    On the whole there wasn’t really anything that got me excited about the series or which makes me look forward to the rest so I can’t see myself becoming a fan of it or continuing to follow it regularly.
    Compared to other recent upstarts (GP2/A1GP/Superleague Formula for instance) I got really excited about those series from watching the initial races & became fans of those series, So far as I say there’s nothing to keep me hooked on Formula E.

    I may watch the next race just to see them on a different circuit but I certainly won’t be getting up to watch it live.

    Force Maikel

    So just watched the race and count me hooked! The racing was genuinely good (except for Prost vs Heidfeld) and the pit stops weren’t as dramatic as I thought they would be, the guys at eDams nailed them.

    The cars looked slow, because they are slow… 165 km/h was the maximum I spotted out there, that’s what you get when you only have 150 kw compared to the 200 kw for Qualifying but give it some time and they will improve the speed, especially when the series moves away from being a spec series but for now they will remain slow on the straights but the cornering speeds were pleasantly high.

    The music bugged me out to but I’ve read on twitter that ITV4 has confirmed it was an issue with the world feed?

    Ed Marques

    The race was interesting.
    But the track was awful, the music annoying, and the cars way too slow.
    Nicolas Prost should be arrested (is a joke, obviously), insane move.
    I was expecting way more from the series, but certainly will give another chance to it.

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