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    The FIA World Motor Sport Council has published a summary of the major rules:

    Two titles of Formula E Champion, one for drivers and one for teams.

    Drivers using International Licence Class B + a specific FIA E Licence issued after completing a seminar about the safety aspects on racing in electric vehicles.

    Maximum number of events 12, and minimum 6.

    Points for both titles will be awarded at each Event according to the following scale:

    1st: 25 points
    2nd: 18 point
    3rd: 15 point
    4th: 12 point
    5th: 10 point
    6th: 8 points
    7th: 6 points
    8th: 4 points
    9th: 2 points
    10th: 1 point
    Pole position: 3 points
    Fastest lap: 2 points

    Only 10 teams will be admitted to the Championship.

    Each driver will use two cars. Colours of race numbers will be imposed and different between the two cars available for each driver.

    Testing with Formula E cars is not permitted for drivers and competitors participating in the championship, with the exception of official tests organised by the promoter.

    Tyres will be limited to five (5) new front tyres and five (5) new rear tyres per event.

    Each team must have a maximum of 12 operational staff working on the cars.

    Each driver shall use no more than one motor, on gearbox and one battery pack per car for the entire season.

    To charge the cars, only energy supplied by the supplier designated by the event organiser and approved by the FIA shall be used during the event.

    Special attention has been paid to all safety requirements and prevention systems.

    Single Free Practice session of 60 minutes. Single Qualifying Practice of 90 minutes divided into four (4) groups of five (5) cars each.

    The grid will be in a staggered 1 x 1 formation and the rows on the grid will be separated by 8 metres with the Pole Position in the place designated by the FIA Circuits Department.

    No formation lap.

    Race of maximum 60 minutes with minimum one Pit Stop for changing cars. This change of cars will take place inside the garage after a safety procedure similar to the one applied in the FIA World Endurance Championship for repairing cars.

    Safety Car procedure following the FIA standards.

    The absence of double points is obviously good but the inclusion of points for pole and fastest lap is, forgive the pun, pointless.

    As this is a completely new series it’s a shame they could have tried something radical like offering the same points structure for qualifying and the race, but starting the race with reverse qualifying order.

    Limiting teams to 12 staff is excellent from a point of view of cost saving, and exactly the sort of standard F1 should be trying to reach.

    Also there’s no mention of the dreaded ‘fanboost’ which gets my hopes up…


    Nice to get a good, understandable set of rules for Formula E.
    I must say that I am very excited about this series, it really could be exciting.


    Each team must have a maximum of 12 operational staff working on the cars.

    Good to see that, would love to see something similar for Formula 1.

    Each driver shall use no more than one motor, on gearbox and one battery pack per car for the entire season.

    I don’t understand this one, because if I understand correctly they are standardized?

    No formation lap.

    Hoping for a first-lap pile-up, I guess?



    The motor, gearbox and battery pack rule is the same as the 5 powerunit rule for F1, just tougher, it means they can’t replace the motor/gearbox/batteries at any point in the season without getting penalised.

    I suspect the reason for no formation lap is unlike other categories the engine doesn’t need to be heated before it can be run hard, an electic motor can run at full power as soon as its switched on.

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