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Will you be watching the new season of Formula E?

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    The 2019-2020 Formula E season begins on Friday with the first race of a double-header in Saudi Arabia. The field has expanded to 24 cars this season with the arrivals of Mercedes and Porsche.

    Will you be watching? Are you getting into Formula E for the first time this year? And who’s your tip for the title.

    I’m keen to see how well this emerging season is doing with motorsport fans…


    I always watch Formula E in the winter months, mostly because there is a void left from the other series. My interest wanes later on in the year when F1 starts up again. I do enjoy seeing many of the drivers get a chance to score a big international win – seeing guys like Mitch Evans and Robin Frijns score victories, and Wehrlein and Vandoorne getting poles was awesome because frankly these guys could all be in F1 if there were 13 teams around like there should be.

    The cars are okay – just the tracks too narrow and hard to pass. Not saying they should go to purpose built circuits, but man some of those street layouts are awful. Hopefully that changes eventually.

    Its hard to see Vergne getting beaten to be honest, but I’d say either of the Virgin drivers could do it if the car is up for it.


    No. I want to but can’t due to obvious reasons.

    Xavier Downey

    Formula E is one of three motorsports thatI follow regularly the other two being F1 and Indycar. I will defo be watching.


    Never caught up with FE, tried to watch a few times but don’t quite like it. I don’t think it’s clean and fair racing, and definitely lacking depth in the information and analysis available. I found myself watching some moto GP once in a while and can enjoy a race, or some WRC (to say I’m not purely interested in F1).

    I’m definitely going to watch some Extreme-E racing, really curious about the new serie.
    Since I’m diverting from the question, also looking for some more W series and occasional F2 races.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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