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Grid penalty for Vandoorne after near-miss with marshal

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    Stoffel Vandoorne will be moved back five places on the grid for the Monaco Formula Renault 3.5 race on Sunday after an incident in this morning’s practice session.

    Vandoorne was quickest in practice but spun into Zoel Amberg’s car at Sainte Devote while the corner was supposed to be under yellow flags. Amberg was stationary having narrowly missed Mathias Laine who had just crashed at the corner.

    The incident recalls Pastor Maldonado’s crash in the same category at Monaco in 2005, when his car struck and injured a marshal. His licence was suspended and he was banned for a total of nine races. But a ban on him racing at the track again was later lifted.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’m curios to see what sort of reaction this attracts. I have long felt that a lot of the venom directed towards Maldonado stems from the way he entered Formula 1 – once a pay driver, always a pay driver and all that. But Vandoorne is geninely talented, and while he didn’t injure a marshal or get banned for his efforts, there are enough parallels here that comparisons will inevitably be made.

    Younger Hamii

    Seeing that’s the case with Vandoorne being demoted, a massive opportunity has opened up for Magnussen to get some good points on the board and extend his lead.


    Could anyone show me a video of the crash? I didn’t find it anywhere.


    I don’t think there’s a video of the crash available. Vandoorne asked to see the footage of the crash, because he claims there were no yellow flags, but he wasn’t allowed to see the images…

    Force Maikel

    Why don’ they show the footage, if they’re right and there where yellow flags then why hide the footage. This thing smell fishy!

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