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2012 Macau Grand Prix

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    Very sorry to learn there has been a second fatal accident today:

    Two killed in separate crashes at Macau Grand Prix


    I was having lunch with my friends at a restaurant and as soon as it came up on the news, I freezed. One is bad, but two is just awful. I think I had never seen two deaths in one Macau Grand Prix.


    My cousin working in Macau has given me a link to a stream from there. When I load the page there’s no video window loading but I’ll give the link to you so that you verify if you have the same problem.


    Felix da Costa has won the qualifying race!

    Mario Rui Silva

    With this pace, he will drive a Toro Rosso mid season next year!


    He won! Antonio Felix da Costa won! He was so emotional on the podium! It was beautiful!

    Though the organization did get Portugal’s national anthem wrong and took a long while to find it…

    Aditya Banerjee

    What a great result for antonio felix da costa!!!! His amazing run of form continues!!!! At this rate,he will certainly bag one of the STR seats in 2014!!!!And would you believe it,they showed the entire race live on ESPN Star(coverage available in South and SE Asia afaik). We even got to see the GT and CTM races live!!!!!


    He’ll be asking Red Bull to get him a Vettel-sized trophy cabinet!
    Here’s all the silverware Antonio Felix da Housecat’s won in 2012…
    2nd – Monaco race 2
    1st – Silverstone race 1
    1st – Hungaroring race 1
    1st – Hungaroring race 2
    2nd – Spa race 1
    2nd – Spa race 2
    Formula Renault 3.5
    2nd – Silverstone race 2
    1st – Hungaroring race 2
    1st – Paul Ricard race 1
    2nd – Paul Ricard race 2
    1st – Barcelona race 1
    1st – Barcelona race 2
    1st – F3 Cup, Snetterton race 1
    1st – F3 Cup, Snetterton race 2
    1st – Macau GP

    Not too shabby. I like the way he doesn’t bother with 3rd places.


    That means he has acumulated 20 trophies this season! He received two for the won on Macau qualifyiing race and four trophies for the win on the final race!


    He’s fantastic. The Macau GP is usualy a lot of fun but it was boring this year, partly his fault! Can’t wait to see him racing in F1.

    Possibly doing Friday practices for Toro Rosso next year, similar to Ricciardo last year?


    He received two for the won on Macau qualifyiing race and four trophies for the win on the final race!

    Seems a bit overkill!


    Applause from Da Costa’s FR3.5 rival and fellow RB8 tester:


    These Macau Grand Prix videos are always cool and this year’s is no exception:


    Good use of Muse on the highlights! :D Between Felix da Costa and Frijns, F1’s future is looking bright.


    Been looking forward to this video more than the event itself! Sergio & co. have nailed it, once more. Super pretty!

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