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2012 Macau Grand Prix

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    Sergio B. Perez

    Thanks Keith for sharing :) Thank you all for the nice comments! It was an eventful race weekend, with 2 tragic losses. This is a circuit like no other. It complies with all FIA safety regulations, but its an old, “organic” circuit, not “cirurgical” like most of the current ones. Even those take lives. This is motorsport, and concerning this circuit, it is the most challenging in the world for a reason, and that’s why who wins here gets noticed. A big, big respect and applause to the ones that lost their lives here- they are definitely “Heroes” and are part of the History of this race. And so are Da Costa, Senna, Schumacher and others!


    Great stuff by @Sergio-Perez as always!

    Also I hadn’t noticed this amusing scene on the podium – they didn’t have the Portuguese national anthem for Da Costa so his fans sung it instead!

    Seems a bit odd that they wouldn’t have it ready. Might it be reading too much into it to suggest it might be because Macau is a former Portuguese colony?

    Sergio B. Perez

    Yep, that happened. It was an unfortunate moment for the organisation. I don’t know what happened, but certainly its been going through an internal investigation. However, it worked as an incentive for the fans to sing the portuguese national anthem out loud, and it was an emotional moment, for sure!

    Carlos Santos

    They stood on the podium until they played the correct anthem (almost 10 minutes), nevertheless I don’t think that Macau being a former Portuguese “colony” has anything to do with this sad incident, the political relationship with Macau was very different from our African colonies. We’re just to unimportant, when Alvaro Parente won a GP2 race in spain they didn’t had our flag for Christ sake! They joined two poor pieces of fabric and there you go, the Portuguese flag :(


    Kind of reminds me about the story of Alan Jones’ first win.
    I paraphrase “they didn’t have the Australian national amthrem , so some drunk in the crowd with a trumpet played Happy Birthday”


    @Carlos-Santos Wow, that is pretty poor.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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