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Commentating live on Euro F3 Open and GT Open this weekend

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    This weekend I’m going to be doing my first piece of live televised motor racing commentary.

    I’m joining Ben Evans who’s the lead commentator on the Euro F3 Open and GT Open races at Brands Hatch this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

    The races are taking place on the Grand Prix circuit and are among the most high-performance cars that run on the full track which, of course, used to hold the British Grand Prix.

    We’re doing live commentary for some international channels and highlights will appear on other networks including Speed (USA), Setanta Africa and some channels in India and the Middle East.

    Wherever you are, you can watch all the races live on their website here:

    You can also see highlights and full coverage of previous races there in HD (but without commentary). F3 Spa race one was particularly good, unfortunately the highlights reel doesn’t really do it justice.

    We will also try to get some chat going on Twitter during the races so keep an eye on our various accounts:
    (Will give it a few plugs on as well most likely!)

    It would be great to hear from some of the F1 Fanatic regulars so if you fancy having a watch and perhaps chuckling at my attempts to pronounce some of the more challenging names please do and get in touch with us during the races at the following times:

    14:55 GT Open race one
    16:35 F3 Open race one

    12:15 GT Open race two
    13:40 F3 Open race two

    Here’s the full timetable which also includes F2 (we aren’t doing the commentary on that):

    Fer no.65

    I’ll try to watch it on sunday! it will be nice to hear you commenting live… :)

    I’ll have my computer on VERY RECORD to catch any mistake :P.


    Good Luck Keith!


    Good stuff Keith! what do we say for commentators… break a mic? : )


    Thanks guys! Really looking forward to it.

    Mark Hitchcock

    First step to taking over when Brundle retires?


    Is anyone kind enough to translate the timing into other timezones, for those of us living out of BST (and hence have our timezone calculations messed up to the core?)


    With CET time its one hour later @raymondu999, that means a 15:55 start for the Open GT race start, etc.

    for example EST time is -4, making that race start at 10:55, and for most of Australia it would be about 10 hours later, meaning a start at 00:55 on Sunday (shortly after midnight!), Singapore time is +8, meaning a start at 22:55 on Saturday evening. – here is a nice link where you can compare times (as there are some catches for the various countries using daylight saving times in summer or not using them)


    Well done Keith, and good luck


    Worth noting that one of the teams in the F3 series is Emilio de Villota Motorsports – obviously they’ve been through a very tough time recently following the accident of Emilio’s daughter Maria.

    There are also a couple of ex-F1 drivers in the GT race: Gianmaria Bruni (ex-Minardi) has won twice already in his Ferrari 458 and Andrea Montermini (ex-Simtek, Pacific and Forti) in another Ferrari also has a win this year. In fact, he’s won more races than anyone in GT Open – 14 – and was the champion in 2008.


    Ahhh Andrea Montermini, the only man to have the misfortune of driving for all three of the teams that lasted for no more than 2 years between 1994 and 1996.

    I say misfortune, thats some achievement. 3 of my most favourite teams ever there, especially Simtek.

    How have you been preparing? Any stratagies for how you’re going to get through it? Best of luck either way Keith, I shall be listening and watching (and probably tweeting)!


    @ajokay Watching all the races I can get my hands on and taking lots of notes. Thereafter will rely on my natural wit and charm. So at least the first part of the plan is sound.


    @keithcollantine Well having stood with you on the Snetterton embankments last year for the BTCC races and exchanging chatter about what was going on, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be fine! Maybe refrain from quoting South park, though.



    Maybe refrain from quoting South park, though.

    I’m not making any promises :-)

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