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Max Verstappen to race in European F3

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    Max Verstappen (son of Jos) will move up to the FIA F3 European Championship this year with Van Amersfoort Racing:


    Not sure if I should be excited with that news. Jos previously said that he was targetting an F3 entry for Max because Max’s driving style is more tailor-made for the F3 cars, which have pointy front ends. If anything, at this stage of his career, Max should be made into an well-rounded product, playing to his strengths isn’t the way to go right now. The natural progression (FR2.0) would have been better for Max, I believe.

    Secondly, van Amersfoort is a mid-rung team at best. They’re not at he same level with Prema, Mucke, Carlin and possibly Signature (if they can immediately get back to their 2010-11 level, considering they are returning to F3 after 2 years). In such a packed field of so many good drivers, Max will have a tough time shining.

    Iestyn Davies

    But if anyone can do it, surely it must be Max..

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