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Video: Serrales drives into Korjus after contact at Hockenheim

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    One of the most contemptible pieces of driving I’ve seen all year in the penultimate round of the European F3 championship. The initial contact between Felix Serrales and Kevin Korjus was unnecessary, but the retaliation from Serrales is pathetic.

    Serrales was disqualified from that race but allowed to take part in the following round the next day:




    That shows lack of self control at the highest level and could have caused serious injury. Should have been banned for the season not one round. Plenty of other drivers able to race and control themselves.


    My jaw actually dropped when this happened. The weekend saw fair racing, but this move is some straight up Codemasters online stuff. Very poor.


    I hope the man progresses no further. Sod him.


    The initial contact just looked like hard racing, nothing wrong with that. The contact after-the-fact, am I the only one that thinks it didn’t mean to hit him & that he actually meant to just kind of speed off infront of him making him come to a stop but he just misjudged it by a few feet?


    @Fisha695 ‘Misjudged it by a few feet’? That would be one hell of a misjudgement. No, I see no reason to doubt this was deliberate.


    It happens more and more, see Cecotto Jr. Maybe there is something like a ‘playstation generation’ after all…

    FIA must take stronger action. When you do this with a street car, your driving license is taken. I think the appropriate punishment for behaviour like this is to take someones race license.


    Mmm I agree with the general sentiment here, he should be banned for the rest of the season. Of course we’ve seen Maldonado do similar in F1 too, although to a less obvious degree. I would say it’s something to do with having teenagers in these cars, but Maldonado was in his mid-20s…


    Don’t mean to discriminate, it may be a coincidence but most of these hotheads originate from around the Caribbean: Cecotto Jr, Maldonado (both Venezuelan), Serrales (Puerto Rico), Perez at times (Mexico).


    Perhaps there have been further repercussions – Serrales will no longer race at Macau, he’s been replaced by Ed Jones. “No official reason has been given”…


    It’s obviously a diliberate move into the side of Korjus, but I think it’s worse that people are declaring young drivers as dangers just from the actions of a handful of drivers.
    There have always been these kind of incidents in the lower formulas, they just have more coverage nowadays, especially with the inclusion of the internet.


    I think this is probably the worst side effect of the current safety standards of racing. Drivers use their cars as weapons or spin / crash on purpose to help their team mates. I’m not sure if they would do the same if that meant playing with death.


    Good that his team has stood him down as punishment, he should be serving a multi-race ban for driving like that though. FIA being its usual ineffective self again.

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