Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

Going to the 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

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    Discussion area for fans going to the 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina


    Hi, ok any recommendations for hotel during gp weekend 2013, as near circuit as possible!


    The Yas Island Rotana is about 5 minute walk from the circuit… you can hear cars on track in the reception and see the Yas hotel from the pool!


    We stayed in a hotel in Dubai during the GP in 2011, cheaper and more cool things to do. You can rent a car and drive up to abu dhabi (1 hour).


    As @katederby mentioned there are a bunch of hotels on Yas Island itself including The Yas Viceroy (obviously!), the Crowne Plaza, a Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Cenro and the Yas Rotana, I imagine you would need to book those pretty early to get a room on race weekend. You could also stay at the Park Rotana/Park Arjaan which is a 10 minute drive from Yas.


    All hotels near the circuit booked up! Staying in central abu dhabi but I understand there is a regular coach service to the circuit over race weekend if anyone who has been could maybe confirm? Cheers.

    Caroline Miles

    There were excellent transport arrangements the year before last, but last year the free bus service was stopped which we only found out about a week before the event. The only buses we saw were from the circuit, for which you had to pay and everyone seemed a bit baffled as to where they stopped, so it a bit of a gamble. We ended up getting a bus back to Abu Dhabi on the Saturday as we didn’t want to stay for the concert but luckily for us the first stop was near our hotel and we managed to flag a taxi down straight away. The organisation the year before last was excellent, it all went to pot last year and not sure why. No free buses, taxis only allowed to stop at certain pick up points and then total disorganisation when they were getting taxi ranks organised. The chaos coming out from the Kylie concert was a nightmare, hopefully they will have learnt their lesson and put the free buses back on and/or have better public transport arrangements, eg plenty of buses and information on pick up and drop off points or taxis. The taxis are very cheap compared to the UK, it was just getting one. However, do not be put off, Abu Dhabi is amazing.



    This is a video I have put together for those looking to book seats for the Abu Dhabi F1 in either the West or the North Grandstands. The video will give you an idea where certain sections, rows and seats are relative to the corner, TV screens, main straight etc. Unfortunately they have the thickest hand rails known to mankind (but only on every second aisle), so this needs to factor into your decision. Re the West Stand (on the straight), unless you are the kind of person who can happily watch a tennis match from the first row, I think being closer to the corner is better. However if you get to close to the corner you can no longer see down the main straight/pit lane. You can see from the video what sections will give you a view down the main straight. Tickets go on sale very early and you can ring Yas Marina and order the exact seat you want. Warning: they might sell them early, but they only send them 2-3 weeks before the race which is not much use if you have left on your trip by then (they won’t do “pick up at box office” and so sending them to your hotel is the only, albeit risky, option). This was filmed at the 2012 race. Hopefully some of you find this useful – please give this video a thumbs up if you find it useful.

    Anup Pala

    I went to the 2012 Abu Dhabi GP and we ended up staying in Central Abu Dhabi (Tourist Club Area).
    It better to stay at Yas Island as it is 30mins away in taxi and most the night life is in the Yas area.
    We ended up getting taxis suited up in the morning, stay at the qualifying/race in the day then go straight to the concert and clubs straight after as too long to go back and forth.
    Taxis are cheap there and i didnt have too many problems getting them but then again it was at 4am after the clubs had finished. But if you do need it after the concert just get a free bus a couple of stops away and flag one down, much quicker.


    Does anyone know when tickets for 2013 Abu Dhabi GP will go on sale?

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Ollie

    They went on sale at the end of March last year. You just need to keep an eye out on their web site or if registered with someone like Book F1.com you should get an e-mail to advise the tickets have gone on sale.


    Does anyone know what time the grand prix and associated activities finish? I know details are not out yet, but perhaps historically?

    Alex green

    chad theres free concerts for ticket holders after every day i got back to my hotel room around 2330 all 3 nights in the centre of the city,but the race itself was over by 1900
    i was in the south stand last year fabulous seats where all the action was,fantastic gp for the spectator,i took a taxi each day from the city around 10uk pounds and got dropped off at ferrari world from there its free shuttle buses to your grandstand.
    Theres very limited concession stalls inside the grandstand but plenty at the back of them so grab some water n stuff before you take your seat
    I ducked out of the concerts a wee bit early or really early in eminens case so i could get a taxi but theres hundreds of taxis so the wait isnt that bad
    Great city enjoy and if you take the wife/girlfriend leave your credit cards at home as the shopping is tremendous :-)


    Alex, you sir, are a star. Thank you very much for the information, I really appreciate it.
    Really looking forward to attending this now!!



    Hopefully I’ll be going to my first ever grand prix in Abu Dhabi this year.

    Can anyone advise regarding exclusive gp?


    Has anyone used them previously? Comments about them?

    Thank you


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