Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

Going to the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

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    Discussion area for fans going to the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

    Brian A

    about 6 weeks ago I stated to book hotels for the GP 2014 before leaving the country, have now found out that the race date for 2014 has been changed. Does anyone know when this happened and why it is the end of November?

    Caroline Miles

    Until the calendar is ratified all dates are subject to change. This doesn’t usually happen until December and until then you shouldn’t assume dates are confirmed. This has happened before with the British and Monaco.

    Brian A

    Thanks for your reply, the hotels must have thought the same as the prices were through the roof, have had a look now and most of the hotels are pretty full. Won’t make that mistake again .


    @Brian I was there this past year at AD, lesson learn for me was time wasted with long lines for taxi and time to get from downtown AD to track was frustrating….next time I’d spend the extra money and stay near the track by Yas Island.

    Caroline Miles


    We didn’t book hotels this year until March so may be just a ruse to get people to book at inflated prices. We got a fantastic deal in Abu Dhabi although as with every race location the hotel rates increase significantly. There was still availability on some of the hotel web sites until June/July. Downside is most want payment up front and it is non refundable. Even in July there were still hotels on Yas Island with availability. It depends if you want to risk it and wait.

    Alan Mc

    Hello all, Alan from Glasgow here, I’ve just joined the forum as myself and my wife are planning to attend the 2014 AD GP.
    We’ve been travelling to the UAE for several years, but never been to a GP, so hopefully this will ease our voyage of discovery!
    I’m lucky enough to be able to book Hilton hotels without having to pay up front and can cancel with no penalty.
    Booked the Hilton Capital Grand Abu Dhabi, which looks nice and hopefully not too far away from the circuit. Prices didn’t seem that high, but as with all these things, I’m sure they will only go up!

    Bryn Jeavons

    The week I got back from 2013 AD I checked the dates and saw the 2014 race pencilled in for Oct 24-26th, So I took a gamble and reserved a Hotel room for that weekend. I paid £103 deposit but got 6 nights at Le Meridien for £503. When the updated calendar was released I went to booking.com and reserved a different hotel and managed to get the room without paying a penny. The payment is to be paid at the hotel upon departure and the rates were extremely reasonable. If the race stays as the final race in November, I still got my room booked and I havent really lost as even if I lose my deposit, I’m still paying less than I did for 2013.


    Im hoping me and the mrs and our 3 kids can all attend this year – thinking of doing 10 days in Dubai. But I have a few questions:

    1. Are we better of a hiring a car to get between Dubai and the circuit?
    2. When do people think tickets will go on sale?
    3. Finally as, were flying out a week before, where best are we getting tickets from, as I’ve heard previously they only ship them a week before the race

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Tommy

    In answer to your questions
    1. Yes if staying in Dubai and ensure you book car parking when you book your f1 tickets.
    2. Last year the early bird tickets went on sale in March
    3. We use bookf1.com for our tickets and although last year we received tickets about a week before, they were earlier on previous occasions. They are very helpful and will probably be able to sort something out for you if you ask them.

    Alex green

    @Tommy C
    You can also use the pick up at the circuit,its really easy to find and the free buses around the circuit stop/start there


    We went to the GP a couple of years back and stayed in Abu Dhabi. Our hotel did a free shuttle service which was great, however taxis were pretty cheap so used them too.

    Planning to go again this year, staying on Yas Island in the Viceroy. They were offering a really good rate with free cancellation on the at the time unconfirmed new date. Had nothing to loose so booked it. Still can’t believe it, but really looking forward to benefiting from staying at a close location to the circuit, something we have never been fortunate enough to do before (apart from camping in a field at Silverstone ;) ). Counting down to tickets going on sale…..

    Bryn Jeavons

    I’ve just booked tickets for 2014, having booked accommodation some months ago. This year we are going Paddock club. Normally I book my tickets through bookf1.com but I have now found this company http://www.edgeglobalevents.com
    Who are providers of “top end” hospitality.
    Communication with them has been excellent and I recommend them implicitly.


    Just out of whim and booked AD. This will be my second year in a roll heading to this race. Last year I watched from a yacht but this year thought I’d give paddock a try so booked Team Paddock with Mercedes. Staying at the tack so fly in and fly out. Can’t wait for this year ending race.


    Thinking of going to this year’s GP, trying to decide between West and South Grandstand.. The feedback I have read is pretty even with South grandstand maybe just ahead. From your experience did you see more overtaking and action at South compared to West? Drivers may save themselves for the 2nd DRS zone? Is the view of the main straight at the West Grandstand worth it, I am guessing from here you may sacrifice some vision of cars on exit on turn 6?
    Does West stand get any sun?
    Also does South give you access to the marina area to check the boats out?


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