Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

Going to the 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

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    Ed Faulkner

    Hello everyone,

    Im very lucky enough to be going to Abu Dhabi this year, and have tickets to the West Lounge. I will be staying with family in Dubai and they will be dropping us off at the circuit on the Sunday and then picking us up. Long shot but wondered if anyone had any tips about pickup and drop off points around the circuit or what would be best?


    Alex green

    Use one of the parking lots theres free buses to them and back.Or use a really easy feature like Ferrari world again there free buses to take you there.Worth noting that the after race concerts are usually top notch so you might want to take them in aswell as they are free with your ticket

    Bryn Jeavons

    Pink headlines the 2017 after race concert. Yet another concert to look forward to.

    Happy days

    Steven Smith

    Seven years on from my first visit I’m going back to Yas. Flights just booked. Hotel in the city booked. Race tickets for South Grandstand booked.


    Just got our tickets for the north grandstand section N 10 Row B (whatever that means!). I wish they would publish a seating plan. Can’t find one anywhere.

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Liz

    In all the years we have been going we have never seen a seating plan it is either pot luck or knowing, from past experience, where you want to sit so can call directly to book tickets.

    I am not sure if the seating is the same for all grandstands but on the one we go on (South) on the upper level To give you an idea S is the back row

    Irrespective unless you are on the front row you should have a fantastic view.

    Steven Smith

    Tickets arrived yesterday. Yippee. South stand. Row C.


    Got ours this week too! Haven’t popped out the grandstand cards yet. It I assume the exact seating is listed on the backside of it.

    On another note.. Air Berlin went out of business this week so our flight got cancelled and they won’t reimburse us because we bought our tickets before Aug 15th. Insolvency reasons they claim. So I had to buy new plane tickets. This trip has become quite expensive and had a bumpy start even before take off, so I really hope for this will be a memorable trip.

    Steven Milne

    Morning Guys and Girls

    Myself and my friend are going to the Abu Dhabi GP this year and staying at the Bab al Bahr fairmont hotel 15min drive to the circuit is anyone else staying at this hotel or close that we could meet up and share taxis to and from the circuit .

    Thanks Steve


    Hi -we bought 4 tickets but sadly two of my friends won’t be able to make it to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – will sell their tickets if anyone is interested. 3 day pass- West Grand stand – row H ( top RoW )
    Great position :you get to see the over taking at the end of the straight as well as the rear of the pit lane

    Hussain Al-Helal


    I know this has been posted a few years back, however, I also understand rules change from time to time. I wanted to know if DSLR cameras are allowed inside Yas Marina Circuit during the F1? I know for a fact they are not allowed for the after-race concerts. I will be in the Al-Dhiyafa Suite West Grandstand and was hoping to get some good shots with my Olympus 40-150mm lens.

    I have tried to contact Yas Marina representatives but have received mixed responses. Some of the staff said it’s fine now issues, and others have said anything bigger than 30mm is not accepted. Even the terms and conditions on their website are not exactly clear. Sorry for the hassle and thanks in advance for anyone who can provide clarity on this.

    Steven Smith

    Last time I visited and sat in the West Stand I took my DSLR with a 300mm lens. Didn’t have any problems at all. This weekend I am trying the South Stand, and will be taking my 70-210mm lens.

    Kelvin Sullivan

    I’m flying out on Thursday and have grandstand tickets for Saturday and Sunday (Marina grandstand). I want to take my DSLR with 100 – 400mm lens and 70 – 200mm lens, but I am wary of the restrictions in relation to what is deemed “professional” and/or “inappropriate”. I have contacted YAS circuit and they just directed me to the T&C’s which are quite frankly useless.

    I have e-mailed the customer services but no response and the last communication I had via Messenger, the circuit just said “thanks for reaching out” and gave me a telephone number.

    Can anyone advise me on the DSLR in the circuit status? I am not fussed about the concert afterwards, just the race.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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