Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

How to get to Yas Marina

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    Share your tips on getting to the track.


    Book early and stay in one of the many reasonably priced hotels that are just a 5 minute walk away. There’s not much to do in the area afterwards but it’s fantastic being able to see the track from your hotel and walk to the Yas Hotel in the evening… and a lot of fun trying to get in!


    Not sure there are many tips about getting to the track, you just take Sheikh Zayed Road and follow the signs for Yas Island!

    Caroline Miles

    We stayed in Abu Dhabi so used the free shuttle bus from Zayed Sports City. Taxis are very cheap in Abu Dhabi, we worked out about £2 to get from our hotel to the bus departure point. Buses ran about every 15 minutes and were very well organised, with them telling you before the bus departed where they were going to drop off. The departure points back to Zayed Sports City were also very well signposted at the circuit with huge towers showing which bus departure point it was, so you couldnt get on the wrong shuttle bus back. We had a problem on Thursday evening when we got back from the pit lane walk as there were no taxis to be seen, so had to walk a few blocks. On Friday and Saturday on arrival back at the drop off point at Zayed Sports City there were plenty of taxis, although on Saturday we had 3 buses all arriving together so although there were about 30 taxis waiting was a bit of a free for all to get a taxi. Not sure what Sunday was like as we stayed for the Macca concert and managed to get a taxi back from the circuit, which bearing in mind they put a standard 20 AED on the meter before starting, cost us 65 AED, which based on exchange rate is about £12 which we didn’t think was too bad for a journey which took us about 20 minutes. The shuttle buses operated until an hour after the concert finished, so if you wanted to, could still get back by that means, although not sure how many taxis would have been around at that time of night.

    Brian A

    Can anyone tell me the name of the hotels that are near the track, at the moment we are thinking of driving from Dubai. What do you think?


    There’s the giant purple penis hotel. That’s probably quite exclusive on Grand Prix weekend though.


    We stayed at the Yas Island Rotana, a walk away from the track but I think all of the hotel’s nearby get booked up very quickly.

    Aish Heydrich

    … a personal yacht.

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