Going to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina

Where to sit and where to watch at Yas Marina

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to watch from at Yas Marina?


    I’ve been told that the best seats are in west grandstand as you can watch overtakes from there.
    Today,i have finally received my tickets on the main grandstand (as requested, because I’m keen on watching the start and the finish). Since the seats are allocated thus no free seating, I wonder why yas marina never issues a seating chart?!
    My ticket says level one, G row and the seat number but I don’t know where that is!!! It would be nice to have a seating chart on their website and/or on their brochures to see ahead of time where u want to sit and where to choose your seat.
    Any thoughts on that?


    We sat in the Main grandstand last year (entrance F) Row B and if you look at my profile picture, that’s the position. So 4 rows back from there is Row G.
    Although you can sit anywhere for practice in that stand, you can’t sit in any of the other stands, which is a shame as it wasn’t exactly crowded on the friday!

    Caroline Miles

    Having just come down to earth from attending this year’s GP, we sat in the South Grandstand. Weren’t sure what to expect, but it was excellent. Although we wanted South Upper seats, as we booked the Etihad package, we found out after making the booking that it was a case of we had to take what we were given. The seats weren’t bad to be honest, and once people settled down after the race had started rather than standing up every time the cars came past, it was OK. We believe the upper grandstand view is even better. Having met other people who were in other grandstands, we decided that this was the best one, and will definitely be booking these for the 2012 race, although will not use the Etihad package again due to issues we had with part of the service we should have received, but didn’t.

    You get the full benefit of the Viceroy Hotel lighting up and all the boats which also join in the fun, with some of their lights changing in line with the hotels. Felt like being in Monaco at the end of the race as well with them all sounding their horns.


    Seeing as the race is drawing nearer and that I’ve just booked my tickets for the race I thought it would be a good time to get this thread going again.

    I’ve got tickets for the Main Grandstand this year after having been in the Marina Grandstand last year. Any thoughts on what the Main Grandstand is like? I wanted to be there so I could watch he start, see the pitstops and generally watch the teams going about their business. Any views on how likely all of that is?

    For anyone who may want to know I really enjoyed sitting in the Marina Grandstand last year. Sitting above the support pits gave me a chance to snap some cracking pictures of the start of the Porsche Supercup races and some relatively close shots of the GP2 cars as they wandered out on to track for practice and ahead of the race. Pictures wise it’s also good because you can get the hotel in the background of a lot of your pictures, which adds a bit to them I think. From a racing point of view it wasn’t too bad at all. You got to see all of the DRS passing into turn 10/11/12 (though query how exciting a DRS pass really is) and you had the cars in view for a good 20-25 seconds so I think it’s not a bad stand all in all.


    Thinking about going to this one in 2013. IS Abu Dhabi the type of place you could stay for a few days before and after the race?? Cheers.


    @hamiltonsnumberone I may be a bit biased because I live in Abu Dhabi but I would say yes, yes there is. ;) There is a bit more to do in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi, so if I was you I’d stay in Dubai and drive to the track each day (I did that last year when I was living in Dubai). The drive takes just over an hour from Dubai (it takes around 25 minutes to get to the circuit from the main island in Abu Dhabi, with traffic). The only drawback of this is if you stay for the concerts in the evening it makes it a pretty tiring 3 days! I week to cover the highlights of Dubai and Abu Dhabi is plenty.


    We got tickets for the Marina Grandstand,so hopefully I will get a few good photo’s,never been before so really looking forward to it

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Deiter

    Yas may not be the most exciting racetrack to go to for the action, but it will blow you away. The set up is amazing, my husband wasn’t keen on going last year and only agreed as I had a big birthday so it was my present. He did’t stop telling people about it for months afterwards and when we started looking at what races we wanted to go to this year, Yas was up there. We are in the South Grandstand which is below the Marina and we saw some quite good action there last year as it was as they came down from the DRS zone. Stunning location as well, completely changes when it goes dark. I am sure you will enjoy it, and who can complain about some sunshine into the bargain! Shame you have not gone on a 3 day ticket as you get the pitlane walk on Thursday – well worth it – we can’t wait we fly out on Wednesday morning and as Kylie is on on Friday evening my husband for some reason seems keen to go and watch the concert as well!

    jan formesyn

    Hello ,
    > I would like to book asap two tickets for the southern grandstand at Yas Marina circuit. Apparantly there’s an upper and a lower part. Can one go from one part to the other with the same ticket?
    > Do you have a detailled plan of these grandstand with the blocks and the rows?
    > many thanks!

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Jan

    The upper and lower grandstands are split on 2 levels and there is security on each level. Your tickets are allocated seats so not roving. We had lower the first year, upper last year and based on that have booked upper again for this year. If you book via the Yas site it does show you the blocks and where tickets are available in that block



    I hope you can help me.

    Can i see from the Main Grandstand M01 the corner 8 and 9 where are overtaking action is?

    Is a screen when i sit in M01 Main Grandstand at beginning god to see?


    I am not planning to go to the GP (I wish I could though :P ), but does anyone know how much staying in Yas Hotel during the GP weekend costs?

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