Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

AGP F1 Fanatic Meetup 2012

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    Stephen Jones

    Alright kiddies, let’s get this shindig on the road..

    Like last year, I’m thinking we aim for a 4:00PM Local Time start, which is just after the V8’s end, and right before the Ultimate Speed Comparison starts. It’s also an hour before the F1 Qualifying, though i’m sure none of you are really interested in that..

    Location wise, we do it at The Big Red Shiny Pole Thing behind the Brabham stand, on the inside of T1.. In other words.. here

    Rest assured that all ticket holders (GA, GS, Corporate, Paddock Pass, Fernando Alonso, etc) have access to this area. I will also provide some more info/pictures after i scout out the area on Thursday morning.. We did it at this location last year, and it seemed to be(I forgot to say hello) “alright”. Only problem could be how busy the area is, but it should be fine. Me and Damon may also get to to work making a sign

    So yeah. All welcome! we’re not going to alienate you if you don’t know the mechanics of a pullrod suspension, just come along and have a friendly discussion with some other F1Fanatics.

    You can get in contact with either me or @damonsmedley through this funky PM system on the site. My Phone Number is 0433953721 if you need to contact me on the day.

    If you can all reply to this thread saying “I’m Coming!” or whatever, I’ll add you to a big list of people where I can send out suprise PM’s.. coolcool? Even if you can’t make it to that certain time, post your deets here and I’m sure you’ll find someone to hook up with (not literally) to watch some Formula Waans.

    See You all then!



    Cannot wait for this. Make sure you do your hair before you arrive though, because we’ll be taking a big group photo so we can do a guest article/big forum post after the race. :)

    Above image is the red pillar you’ll be looking for.


    I will be there! Looks like I’m going it alone this year so will be nice to meet up with a few other fanatics!



    Have fun guys!


    @Magnificent-Geoffrey There’s still tickets available! :P Come on, you only live once…


    I’ll be there “for sure” :)


    Count me in!


    @aus_steve @damonsmedley just thought i’d say a ‘big red shiny pole thing’ and the red ‘pillar’ in that photo seem like 2 completely different things!
    thought some people might be confused ;)


    @sato113 Here’s the write up from last year for everyone! :P


    I’ve been forced to go alone because none of my dead-beat friends could afford to go. While I am not an active member of these forums, hopefully I can still meet up and have a few beers with a bunch of friendly faces. I’ll be there all 4 days and then Monday too, as I wasn’t keen to fly out right after the race. As a McLaren junky I’m still keen to see an Aussie take the flag, so I have 4 drivers to go for!


    Hey guys, I don’t write often on F1F forums but I’ll be there for the meet up ;)


    I’ll be there! Phone number is 0432094874 should anyone wish to contact me before saturday.


    I just went through the article from last year to see who couldn’t make it. Anyone got a way of contacting Pink Peril? It seems they don’t have an account on here but they seemed pretty upset about missing out last year!

    Also, @scottie, are you coming to the race again this year?


    I’ll be going on Friday, I’ll check back with this thread and tweet with Damon if there’s an opportunity to meet any F1F people that day.


    I’ll be there. Looking forward to that awkward feeling again of walking up to strangers and asking them if they’re fanatics. Thanks to DS’ article last year, there are a few more names I can match to faces which should make it easier, so hopefully we’ll get everyone together in one big group this time rather than two.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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