Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix.

    Stephen Jones

    I’ll be there!

    I’ll also (hopefully) be organizing another Australian Fans meetup, so watch this space!

    Wayne Whitaker

    I’ll be back again in 2012. Prost Premium stand. Staying again at Easystay 65 Acland St. St. Kilda ( much easier to get to the track than the city).


    I’ll be there. It’ll be my 5th year in a row!

    Not sure yet if I’ll be there for the Friday or just Saturday and Sunday. I tried going on the Friday this year but thanks to Tiger Airways my early morning flight turned into me arriving in Melbourne after dark. Would have been quicker to drive from Sydney…

    I’ll probably be going general admission again although one day I’ll have to try a grandstand.

    I usually stay at a backpacker in South Melbourne. It’s walking distance to the track and right near Crown Casino which is always busy on GP weekend.

    It’s always a great race at Albert Park and Melbourne is a fantastic city (I lived there for a year and loved it) so it’s well worth the long trip some people have to make.


    I’ll be there too.
    Haven’t been to a Grand Prix since Silverstone 09 and since my wife and I are flying over from Scotland for a month in Australia what better way to end our trip than going to the Grand Prix.
    Got our tickets for the Sunday (G A) but we’ll maybe look in on the Friday and Saturday depending on what we’re up to.
    We’re both F1 nuts and would be welll up for meeting up with our fellow fanatics.
    Staying at a backpacker close to the track as well so can’t wait.


    I’ll be there too! It’s going to be my first live Grand Prix, so I’m very excited :)
    I got the 4 Corner Grandstand Clark Package, looks like decent seating arrangements. Has anyone had experience sitting at the turn 9 chicane? Should hopefully be a good passing spot. I really hope Webber wins next year!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ll try to get there – I’d love to go – but it’s very difficult for grad students to get work interstate, and I think the only way I could reasonably go is if I had a job in Melbourne.


    Hey guys, looking for some advice.

    I’m definitely going this year, and was planning on being there on all four days.

    The other day however, I get a msg from a mate asking if I want to go with him, but it’ll be just on the Sunday.

    Any way to get us in the same grandstand?

    Assuming GP Advantage is that thing that involves a pit walk, that’s what I was after for myself.

    (Please and thank you.)

    If not, I’ll just for the day. And maybe get GA for the Friday as well.


    I’m going to give it a go! I’m in a similar position to @Prisoner-Monkeys in that money is the biggest issue. I need to get some part time work in order to be able to afford a ticket. I think my accommodation is sorted should I need it, however! ;)


    This will be my 7th Australian GP in a row! and I’m only 17.

    Got my GP advantage gold tickets for the 4 day Brabham grandstand. Melbourne GP always throws up a surprise and generally one of the best races of the year IMO.

    Will be interesting to watch the weekend unfold and see who’s where in terms of competitiveness.

    Can’t wait!!

    Stephen Jones

    @damonsmedley ohohoho.

    @mike you can buy a Sunday only GS ticket for the Schumacher Grandstand (i think).. apart from that, you’ll have to buy a 4 Day GS ticket.. The GS Ticket includes GA access, so you can stick with your buddy for the entire weekend, then go to your Grandstand only for the race.
    You could do the ol’ go to the Grandstand with your mate, take both tickets, go to the toilet alone, then reenter the Grandstand with another mate.. but you’d need 2 tickets.. plus it’s illegal!


    Just bought my ticket today. Sitting in the Jones Grandstand for all 4 days. Now I just need to find some accomodation.

    Also, if there is going to be a meet up, count me in because I missed the last one.


    This will be my frst gp ever. Stoked does not convey my feelings enough.

    Could only afford the Sunday grandstand tickets in the Schumacher stand. Any tips will be much appreciated to enjoy the day.


    This will also be my first gp ever, flying all the way from UK by myself for this one would also be interested in doing a meet up, look a bit odd walking around by yourself.

    GA only though for me everyone seems to rate it as best and only webber grandstand has availibility now which is on the pit strait bit boring i think.

    Any tips for a good backpackers nearby im travelling Aus for 6months.

    Turn 5 right??


    @iceman1993 @DringDring Hi guys, it’s David Garrido from Sky Sports News here – we’re planning our coverage of the Aussie GP and wondered if you fancied being a part of it? We’ll be there from Monday 12th March, and live on-air from Wednesday 14th March. If you are interested, e-mail me on dlg1980@yahoo.co.uk and we can sort something out! Looking forward to hearing from you.


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