Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Wow, nice opportunity to get your face on TV. That would be awesome.


    I’ve just booked my 4-day pass to the Senna stand! I’ve just moved to Melbourne so rather stoked about the race… I walked the track yesterday. Its my first race since Monza ’09 and amazingly the first I’ll ever see Michael Schumacher in action (my previous races were Europe ’99 (broken leg), Canada 07 & 08 (retired) and Monza (was due to be there but didn’t replace Felipe in the end)) so I hope he doesn’t suddenly retire again haha.

    Anyway keep us posted on meet-ups guys, I’m on my tod so always good to meet with fellow fans!


    Hi all,

    I attend the GP most years. Would to great to catch up with liked minded F1 followers on the weekend.
    Also is anyone interested in getting David from Sky Sports involved as would be an god opportunity for the group?
    Also not really sure what will happen with the Channel One coverage this season now that the BBC is only covering half the races. Will they take the Sky feed?


    @andrew – They said on there coverage last year that the deal would not effect the coverage of F1, but it is Australian TV so who knows what could happen. :)


    Hey guys I am heading down on my own also so be good to catch up with others. Coming from Brisbane on the 15th-19th.
    Got Brabham grandstand tickets and staying at The Crown Metropol. Let m know if your in the same boat.
    This is my first F1 so really looking forward to it. Unfortunately none of my mate share same interest in F1.


    Tickets just arrived today. It’s all get real close now. Can’t wait.


    hello everyone!

    this will be my first ever live race, i’m actually going to be moving to melbourne a couple of weeks before it although i haven’t quite yet sorted out a place to live etc…! got the four day package in the prost stand but will hopefully be milling about and exploring most of the time.

    i’d be greatly interested in a meet up if one is being organised, and for anyone who is only visiting the city for the weekend perhaps this will afford them some friends to go out with and explore melbourne in the evening?

    anyway, i should be easy enough to spot, i’ll be the one in the kilt.


    Hi, new on here.

    Traveling to Oz for the AUSTRALIAN GRANDPRIX

    Heading over with my wife, an going to do a bit of traveling. will be in Melbourne for 1 week.
    Looking for advice on seating position, will probably buy a 4 day stand ticket.
    Which stand should I go for?
    What are the must see’s at the circuit?
    What are the must see’s at Melbourne?
    What are the must see’s in Oz?

    Hiring a Camper for our full trip. making our way from Melbourne round the SE coast then up to Sydney, then Gold coast / Brisbane

    Sorry for so many questions, but any feedback / advice much appreciated.

    Thanks Barry



    I’m new to here too. Flying to Melbourne tomorrow for a couple of weeks and going to be at GP for all four days in GA.
    I’m travelling solo so up for a beer or two with any like minded people.
    Staying at Melbourne Metro hostel



    Yep going this year for both Saturday and Sunday with my 7 year old fanatic. I was quietly pleased when he asked me a month ago when the Formula 1 was starting again and if we could go. Previously we just went on Saturday for practise 3 and quali, but this year he really wants to see the start so we will be on the hill at turn 2 watching the usual first corner melbourne mayhem.

    Really excited to see how this year runs.

    The weather should be ok for race day, had lots of storms pass over tonight but i think i t will settle from late friday… but it is melbourne and the weather could do anything


    Thanks for your contributions, everyone.

    For those planning to go to next year’s race, the new thread is here:

    Going to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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