Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve decided I’m going to be there. I don’t know how I’m going to make it happen, only that I will.

    Alex Thom


    Im hopefully going to go to the grand prix in 2013 i was just wondering where are the best place to stay?
    what else is there to do around melbourne? ill be there about a week.
    and when the tickets are released wheres the best area to get a ticket?


    I have already purchased my tickets on-line, this year I am doing all 4 days in the stands. The best thing to do is go to the Australian Grand Prix website, they have a full 360 map with the stands and seats identified, showing the availability. As for what to do around Melbourne, that depends on what you are into. The track is close to beach and the city.


    Assuming I’m back there by then I’ll be there. The 4 grandstand passes sound quite interesting and would give a unique perspective of the 2013 cars.

    As for where’s best to stay – I’d suggest either St Kilda or Southbank are the best and easiest places for getting to/from the circuit – there’s usually a lot going on in those areas at night as well.

    and for things to do – day trips include Healsville Sanctuary or Great Ocean road day trips, or for those sports mad a wak to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) or Rod Laver Arena (home of the Australian Open tennis) is easily done. Not sure on schedules but I’m sure there’ll either be Cricket, Aussie Rules Football, Football (soccer) or Rugby Union on in March so definitely worth getting to see some of that. There’s also lots of shopping opportunities in both the CBD and some of the inner suburbs, as well as some great cafes dotted all over the place. And if that’s not enough, as someone’s already mentioned, there’s also some beaches very close in as well.


    Alex Thom,

    Hi Alex, not sure where you are from or if you know Melbourne at all but is close to St Kilda. St Kilda is fine to stay prices are raised a fair bit for the F1. It is closer to the track but you will pay 2-3 times the normal rates for basic accomodation.

    My mate & I splashed out for top tickets so kept the budget for accom. fairly low. We stayed at the Rendevous on Flinders St (opposite Melbournes main train station) and was quite nice and reasonable prices ($140 each per night I think). If trying to go cheaper on accomm. there are HEAPS cheaper in the city and while St Kilda is certainly closer that town, a taxi cost us about $12-15 AUD each way so pretty cheap and will easily offset prices close to track.


    I believe the AFL pre-season games will be on then, but you can do a tour of the MCG at any time. Also, check out either the SkyDeck or Sky High on a clear night.

    I’m thinking I will go grandstand for the first time next year. I’m thinking either T1/2 or T3. I usually stand on the hill at 9/10, which is pretty good, but I can imagine that you can see more from the grandstand and T1/2 and T3 will be the action spots.



    Sorry also forgot to mention about seating. Depends on budget (again) but we went high and went Paddock Club. Unforgettable weekend and had photos with Webber, Bruno Senna, Sir Jackie Stweart, Pastor, close shot of Vettel (and many others) and Sir Jackie Stewart would wander up for a beer and chat to ANYONE who wants to talk F1.

    If that is out of your budget, but not quite, consider other corporate boxes such as the chicane on T1 or last turn (Fangio I think but dont quote me).

    If cheaper tickets the chicane on T1 is awesone (Gold tickets), or even better for value of money,General Admission on the back section after the back straight could be the best section of the track (fast left- right where Pastor took out Romain on about lap 5- I think T12 & 13 but again, not sure).

    But highly recommended at ant spot as Melbourne (despite Bernie’s opinion) does put on an EXCEPIONAL race. Enjoy.



    Hi everyone
    I have tickets to the 2013 Melbourne GP in the Senna stand, block c in the top row. Does anyone know how good the superscreen view is from here? From the map i’ve seen it looks like the screen is shared with the Prost stand, so maybe at a bit of an angle, but it’s hard to tell. If anyone can help that would be great, thanks!


    @karen Do a youtube search on “melbourne grand prix senna stand”
    There’s a few fan videos that will give you a better idea of the screen size and potential view. For example:


    Thank you. I’ve had a look at some youtube clips and they helped a bit. It’s still hard to tell exactly what kind of view we will have, but i am kind of just hoping that they put the superscreens where people in the grandstands can see them, since that’s half the point of paying extra for a grandstand seat :/


    Hi guys

    Im thinking about going to melbourne to see the GP, i have never seen a motor race(of any kind) at the venue. I was wondering is general admission any good or should i fork out for a seat. I dont think i could afford a coperate box or anything but i was just looking for general advice.

    Adrian Taylor

    Hey guys,
    Melbourne 2013 will be my first grand prix, and I can’t wait!
    I’m taking my Dad along as a present for his 60th birthday, this will be his first GP also so I’m keen to do it right!
    I’ve been thinking about purchasing the Clark ‘four corner’ package which gives you Race day tickets in the Clark stand (T9/T10) and the other days in various grand stands located around the home straight and the first chicane.
    The big draw card for me is the free ‘Silver GP advantage membership’ which gives you lots of goodies including a pit lane walk on the Thursday and a home straight walk on race day
    the benefits are outlined in the following link:

    has anyone had the silver membership before? Any comments or reviews?
    is it worth spending the extra coin or am I better off just getting a single day grandstand pass for the race and general admission for Saturday


    I’ll be attending for the fifth consecutive year – I have front row seats in the Fangio stand, where I should be in line with 5th-6th on the grid.


    General admission at Albert Park is great in that you can walk around almost the entire track, both inside and outside the perimeter of the racetrack. This gives you multiple viewing angles. However, given that it’s a street circuit, generally you’ll only get to see 1-2 corners at any one time. You do get very close to the cars though!

    The other caveats are that you’ll need to get to the track pretty early on the Sunday in order to get a good spot, plus a general admission ticket means that you can’t access the section by the paddock entrance, which is the best place to get driver autographs (if that’s important to you).

    Out of all the F1 races I’ve been to, Albert Park probably has the best GA sections. However, don’t forget that you can access all GA areas with a grandstand ticket as well.


    I’ve had both Silver and Gold membership before (the only difference being you get a free race programme with Gold). The pit lane walk is well worth doing. There’s a morning and afternoon walk – the latter is ridiculously busy but you have more chance of seeing drivers at that time. The start-finish line walk is average – you’ll have much more fun invading the track at the end of the race…

    I would definitely go with the Clark 4 corners ticket. It’s a little more expensive than the Saturday GA + Sunday grandstand ticket ($410 vs $285) but you do get access to the track on Thursday and Friday (if you are free those days). Melbourne is one of the best GPs for support races and there’s loads of distractions to keep you entertained (such as live bands, dancing girls, helicopter rides, BMX stunt riders and bars on every corner!).

    The Australian Grand Prix is definitely the best F1 event I have ever been to (with Montreal a very close second). I would strongly encourage every F1 fan to come to Albert Park – you won’t be disappointed!


    Totally agree with Roberto – Melbourne is non-stop with action, support races etc. I went to Japan this year and couldnt believe how little there was in comparison to support races and entertainment – but still an awesome event of course!!

    If looking for a meet n greet with the drivers, as Roberto pointed out a GA stand wont do the job. I think the Gold passes are required to access the Paddock entrance (??). If you head to “Pete’s Bar” (named after the late Peter Brock) you cant miss the heap of people waiting to see the drivers arrive- about 50 meters away.

    We found the Friday morning the best due to smaller crowds, and they came through pretty steadily between 0930 to 1100. 1000 to 1030 the busiest I think. Most of the drivers and team bosses (with the as ever exception of Kimi of course- no time for anyone, and basically pushed the small amount of fans at Suzuka over to get through) they all seem happy for a quick chat, photo or autograph.

    Vettel was actually one of the best to spend a heap of time there (at LEAST 10 minutes) but the best was Timo when the crowd sang him happy birthday for his 30th and some even gave him presents. For the few hundred bucks to get these tickets over a GA pass I would certainly recommend the extra just to see the drivers come in. But if out of budget, or not concerned about seeing the drivers there a excellent spots all over the track as well with a GA pass.


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