Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2014 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2014 Australian Grand Prix.

    Andy Donnelly

    Im off there for the 2nd time in 2014. I can heartly recommend it as a race weekend, very different to the European races and the Aussie V8s are something to savour


    Attending my first qualy and race day after attending only friday practices last year. Will be sitting at turns 1 and 2 – should be a fantastic weekend with more than a few surprises I’m sure!


    I will also be attending.
    Flying in early on Friday, flying out on Monday.
    Will be in Brabham stand (inside of turn 1) for Saturday, Fangio (main straight) on Sunday.


    For the 3rd year running I will be overseas whilst this race is on. Considering I have an apartment overlooking Albert Park Lake and a roof top balcony it is a crying shame really.


    heh, @denhugh you should rent the place for the weekend!

    I’ll be going all weekend, 15th time in 16 years, love it!


    @Scottie was just discussing this the other day but my brother uses it and has all his mates come around and then they send me videos so I know exactly what I am missing.


    Going for the first time this year, 4 day GA pass for $149. Interested in sitting on the outside of Turn 2 on race day.



    On race day, you have to find your spot early there.. it’s best to be closer to T2 on the mound so you can see a bit of T1 also. There’s a screen directly opposite that place too, so great spot to watch the race from.


    im flying in on the 13th, shouting my dad corporate seats above the v8 supercar pits for his 60th Birthday, i reckon with the new engines and aerodynamics this is going to be the most unpredictable season for a long time, and im going to be there for the first race. woohooo


    I’ll be there again too.
    Will probably watch Practice and Quali from various points on the track and watch the Race from the hill on Turn 9.


    I was going to miss the Melbourne GP this year but won a local competition! Some great things but get to watch Quali from a spot in pit lane (basically where the team bosses do, but right at pit lane entry) AND a Paddock tour with David Coulthard!!
    Been smiling the past few days ‘for sure’!!!


    Wow, nice Garns!


    I’m flying into Melbourne first thing Thursday morning after my wonderful Girlfriend bought me tickets. It will be my first time at a Grand Prix so I’m very excited!

    After we check into the hotel (We’re staying right in the centre of the city), I’m hoping to head straight to the track. Obviously there is no F1 action on the Thursday but I’m planning to spend the day looking for good spots to watch the action from. I plan on checking out Turn 2, as well as the fast corners on the other end of the circuit. Are there any other spots people would recommend?

    I’ve been to the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide for the last 6/7 years straight and once the on-track activity has finished in the afternoons, the track is opened up and you’re allowed to walk it. I assume this is also the case at the GP?

    I walked the track on the Thursday at Clipsal this year and I watched a few of the teams practicing pit stops while I stood on the other side of the pit wall. Is it likely that the F1 teams would be at the track late on the Thursday doing things like this?

    Thanks Guys! :)


    @mpj1994 Everyone has different things that they look for in a good spot in viewing the action. Some of the things I take into consideration is “how much you see” in terms of whether you see a car dicing for position, or braking for a turn, or whether you like seeing the raw speed of acceleration. The other thing to think of that you may not have thought about is the viewing screens, they’re important as even though there is commentary blaring out of speakers at the track, when cars are circulating it is very hard to hear, so the viewing screens are really important if you’re after info like lap times and seeing action on other parts of the track unfold.

    Personally I like turn 9, but most people go for turn 5/6 or towards the end of the lap where you might see cars pit in.

    If you are going GA, then I would also recommend turning up early and making sure you bring a friend so that when you go to the toilet that they can save your spot. Although if you don’t have a friend, make a new one at the track and have something like a matt or chair to mark your territory and your newly acquainted friend can share/save your spot and vice versa when toilet/food/drink breaks are required.

    Use Thursday and Friday as your wandering days and sat/sun are days where you will find yourself glued to your spot :P

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