Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Going to the 2018 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2018 Australian Grand Prix.

    Have you been before? What kind of ticket are you thinking of buying? How early should you head to the track? Share your thoughts on anything to do with attending this race.

    If you went to the 2017 race you can leave your feedback here:


    Chris Farmer

    I’m looking at going to the Australian Grand Prix next year and hoping people who have been previously could help me and give me some advice. So some advice I’d be looking for:
    – Accommodation – What’s available? Preferably camping somewhere near the track which has a slight party atmosphere for the evenings. But also are there hotels close by?
    – Tickets – I’m thinking of just purchasing a weekend general admission ticket and scout a good spot for the race day, but does anyone recommend anything different, a particular stand that is worth the money? Also what is the official site for purchasing tickets?
    – Travel – So our idea is to visit a friend who has just moved to Australia, he lives in Sydney. So, how easy is it to get from Sydney to Melbourne and back?
    – What’s the general atmosphere like? I did my first F1 this year in Belgium and loved it, I’ve got the itch to do more now!

    Siben Croswell

    Would love to get some advice as well, might go next year.


    Yes, a bit of advice please. I’m looking for undercover seating areas, anyone with ideas? I’d go to the lower priced hospitality options but I’m afraid they’ll be full of drunks on company paid freebies who aren’t really interested in the race.


    I have been to each Melbourne GP since 2012 and have been mainly in Paddock Club but spent time in Prost, Schumacher & Brabham stands as well for those who need info.

    – Chris- there is no camping near Albert Park unless there is a caravan park near St Kilda somewhere, but its not Spa. There are plenty of hotels in St Kilda (At track) & the city, which is only a 10min taxi, and you can pay what you like for accommodation. Melbourne doesn’t seem to vary rates like other tracks do.

    Closer to track is St Kilda (adjacent Albert Park) which we have stayed the past few years- 5-10 min walk hotel to track. Easy access if you get there early – 10am or 1030am. Again you can pay whatever for a hotel room (be careful- while St Kilda is a great spot there is a high drug element to it – Heroin seems to be prevalent, and I suspect ICE. Don’t be alarmed, I have walked at night alone, but be careful please.

    DONT go general admission!! Its crowded and even if you get your spot people will push in – its cheap but don’t do it!
    If you can get to Melbourne you can pay for a grandstand _ I recommend Schumacher – on the last corner (Next to Prost) but you can also see them down the back straight. Premium Schumi means its only a few seats with a viewing platform. If your budget allows this is the best grandstand I can see in Melbourne.

    Sydney to Melbourne is a short flight- maybe 50 minutes. Tullamarine airport to Melbourne city is, say. 30 min but you will pay $60 AUS (Taxis in Australian are not cheap).

    The atmosphere is great but not sure it will rival Spa or Suzuka- but our ‘off track’ entertainment is the best ever!

    Get back to me with any questions mate.




    Yes mate- you will get drunk Aussies with no interest in the race- we put up with it every year (I am Aussie), and its annoying but please don’t let this stop you if you want to go Hospitality option, its far better than a grandstand for the price. My father in law and I met a father & son in Melbourne in 2013 and we have since gone to Malaysia (Twice), Spain, Monaco & Singapore together- life mates due to F1 :)

    Paddock Club is great but SO expensive. If you get a weekend Hospitality pass you can also grab a Thursday PC pass- try it, all the drivers are casual on Thursday. Thursday in Paddock Club is always the best day- I would rather watch the race from a grandstand.

    We spent a brief time with a guy selling us Brabham Skybox tickets for next year and its pretty good. You don’t see down the main straight but into T1 & T2 the off to T3. If you get the Hospitality its all food & drink plus he can get a pit walk- if you haven’t done pit walk its pretty awesome.

    Fangio is on the main straight with a bar at 50m walk- don’t do it, for non-F1 fans.

    Turn 3-4 has a little Hospitality box and is my next choice if we don’t go Brabham next year – smaller but looks ok.
    Also a Hospitality tent on T15 looks good and not bad for budget.

    Melbourne seems to be the best for Hospitality options I have seen and grandstand options great as well- you can choose a different seat each day :)

    Any questions please let me know- great race !

    Chris Farmer

    @evilhomer – Dude, thanks for the reply and all that advice, it’s all very useful information. I think you’re right, if we can make it to Melbourne then I think a Grandstand is a good idea, especially if you say it gets rather crowded in general admission.

    So now I’m intrigued at what the best ‘off-tack’ entertainment is?



    Hey Chris- With best ‘off-track’ entertainment I didn’t mean anything untoward, but just not on circuit but at track (In Melbourne I am sure people can find what ever activities they like).

    Melbourne is good with both on-track & off-track entertainment. On track in between F1 will be V8 Supercars, Porsche Cup, old historic cars- F1 & others- and whatever else. Some places I have been too like Suzuka have little race time in between F1 so its boring sitting in a stand.

    Off-track- a few years ago (2014 maybe) they had Tony Hawke and his mates on a huge 1/2 pipe- I am not a huge skate fan but seeing his skills even at 45 years old was huge. So they do little things like that- most circuits do similar but Melbourne a bit like Singapore and do it a bit better.

    Side note- Try Pete’s bar (Peter Brock- racing legend in Oz) – there is a guy who looks like Paul McCartney on piano who plays and sings well doing some old classics. The pole on the piano usually gets dancers on a bit later, but I am sure its organise seeing the talent – but some fun and good end to the day. (You need a grandstand ticket for this- no GA)

    Who are you going with (how many) and what else but F1 do you want to do?
    We have stayed in the city and had some real late nights at the Crown Casino. If you stay in town its easy to grab a taxi to the track but getting hard is hard- 100,000 people trying to get on some trains. Buts its an F1 GP so unless you are BE expect delays.

    Also took my son (9 years then) so we stayed Albert Park and 5 min walk to the track, great access but not many options for a restaurant for a meal after the track.
    Long story short- if taking kids stay close to track, if up for late night party stay in town and cop the long way home (its no Suzuka – so not that bad).

    Also try AirBNB (or what ever its called ) or HomeAway- we used HomeAway in Monaco last year and got a really good priced apartment in walking distance to track – so I guess Melbourne would have similar options.

    I didn’t answer one of your questions before but for tickets in Melbourne, but just straight to the official Melbourne GP site. Only use another agent if they are adding extra’s for you, otherwise you just pay a booking fee that you don’t need to.

    Evil Homer


    Sorry typo in 5th paragraph – “Getting out is hard”.


    Thats all good stuff @evilhomer thanks.

    By the time I got around to it the hospitality options were gone so I’m in Schumacher premium (all other undercover spots are sold out). It’s my first year at Melbourne and I’m with the Mrs so the entertainment side of things is critical. If Melbourne is as good as Singapore on the off track entertainment I’ll be a happy man.

    I see you’ve been to Suzuka and Monaco so if you don’t mind I’ll send you a PM with some questions. Suzuka is on the menu for next year but Monaco is a couple of years away as I have to wait for my son to finish high school.


    I just responded to you message for Suzuka.

    You wont be disappointed with Schumi Premium – I think its the best grandstand spot on the circuit. And with it being only a few seats deep and having a viewing platform at the back you can move around a bit rather than in a normal stand.

    Melbourne wont have big name after concerts at night like Singapore but more so ongoing activities and bands during the day. I think they do have a night time concert, but we have never been. Singapore is massive on this but didn’t have performers I was keen on so didn’t bother- I am more GNR or RHCP than Kylie or Queen- but promoters in Singapore have done a great job here.

    Have you worked out accommodation yet? If not let me know your rough budget and I can maybe point you in the right direction – been to all budgets from “wont stay there again” to “that was great but we paid too much”.

    For the first time in a long time I am yet to book anything so far for next year. It may be my own ‘anti-halo’ protest in which I will pay top dollar at the last minute :)


    @evilhomer We’re staying downtown at the Treasury as the Mrs won’t be going to the track every day so we’ve got that sorted. I’ve walked from Collins St to the track (in non F1 times) and it’s only approx 45mins so if transport is really jammed after the race we can walk it. As for upgrading to Paddock Club … let’s see how I go on the Lotto tonight :)

    I have to admit that this year’s entertainment at Singapore was not my cup of tea but it certainly drew a crowd. Having a DJ as the headliner this year was lame but there were 50,000 other people who disagreed from what I saw (old man shouts at cloud – Simpsons ref). The cheapest SG walkabout ticket is, I believe, aimed at non F1 local fans who just want the concert and the current skew to the card shows a real tween to twenties bias. But if that’s what keeps Singapore happening then so be it. While I’m with you on the RHCP vs Queen argument I have to say that Kylie put on a great show even if the music isn’t particularly to taste. (Queen were dreadful.) But I’ve seen some great undercard acts there like The Pretenders, Duran Duran, KC Sunshine Band, Tom Jones, and a host of local bands that have been terrific.

    I’m hoping for at least something entertaining at Melbourne, that’s how I convinced the Mrs to come along with me!

    Thanks again for your help on Suzuka and Melbourne.


    Just a heads up for everyone…

    Melbourne is building a new underground train line through the city, and some of these works are going to effect one of the tram lines that lead to the circuit.

    Check out the link below to see how works around the city will effect how you’ll get to the track next week:

    Hope it helps!

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