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Melbourne F1 seats

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    Yeah I was there as well mate, 19 I was. I think that still holds the record for an F1 race day- great times!!
    Love to see that F1 again!!

    Tom Padlucci

    Sorry but I may have used American slang that is not used in Australia when I said
    I am a bit “gun shy”. It basically means I am worried something will go wrong
    like getting there and not being able to get a ticket to the race. Because of my
    bad experience I plan to buy on line ahead of time just to be sure I don’t have a problem
    when I get to the track.

    Thanks for the suggestion on grandstands, I will look into them before I buy
    anything. And by the way I am flying using frequent flyer miles earned during
    years of business trips.


    Hi Tom,
    Nice using the frequent flying points! Sorry, I did miss the US slang there.
    If you arrived without tickets you certainly can get them when you arrive, but a lot of the Melbourne tickets do sell out so that would limit your options.

    We have booked through the official website I put up before and arrived on a few occasions and picked up our tickets at gate 1 (main gate) and it works fine.

    If you do a grandstand consider the premium options. For most it is just 3 or 4 rows deep at the top of the grandstand but they are undercover- Melbourne can very hot or raining, sometimes in the same day. Other premium stands, like Ricciardo, has is separate toilets & bar/food area to make it easier. This is on T4 and took the family last year, great spot. For Schumacher premium you can see them down the back straight and final 3 corners as well- great viewing.

    Tom Padlucci

    All grandstands are sold out for Sunday.
    I have bought GA tix. I am really looking forward
    To my trip in a month.

    Now a new question. Any suggestions for things to do
    at the track while the cars are not on the track?
    Any suggestions for things to see or do after race
    activities at night, or day trips the following week?
    This is my first visit to Australia.


    Hi Tom,

    Disappointed you went GA, but you will still love it. Are you only going Sunday or all weekend?

    Have you been to many other F1 races before? You will be surprised with how much there will be on & off track at Melbourne (its a truly world class event, not as good as Adelaide back in the day but pretty good).

    On track you have V8 Supercars, which is the Australian premier class of racing- think Bathurst, Porsche Cup (rich old guys or Lance) and a few other cars.

    Off track they do well, motor bike stunts, skating (saw Tony Hawke), concerts and many other things. Melbourne is an event. I went to Japan in 2012 and it was all F1, not much else really.

    Melbourne F1 is basically in the city, at St Kilda. Town is 10 in away, there is a major casino in The Crown (world class) and I personally recommend China Town (In city) for a great feed. The Dragon Boat is the best for me.

    Anything outside the city, sorry I don’t know, I only go to Melbourne for the F1. Can someone else chip in here for cool stuff to do near Melbourne?

    Enjoy- you will love our country :)

    Tom Padlucci

    I fly into MEL early Friday morning. If I am able to stay awake after 24 hrs of flights and layovers to get
    there I will go to check in or at least drop off my bags at my AirBnB in S. Kilda, and hopefully to the track.
    I will certainly be there Sat/Sunday. Unfortunately when I tried to buy my seats all grandstands
    were sold out for Sunday. I had lots of problems at home including having a tree fall on and damage my roof and didn’t think I needed to act quickly so not by choice I am in GA.

    I went to 2 F1s in the US at Watkins Glen and Long Beach in the early 70s, and recently got to see a practice round in Monza (race day completely sold out including GA.) I have spent lots of time at our local track, Laguna Seca including paddock access and seeing several Indy car races and last year saw F5000 which seemed to be basically an Ausie race. I managed to meet Mark Webber last season and get a selfie with him.

    I appreciate any info anyone can share and am looking forward to my first visit to your country.



    Hi Tom,

    Entertainment at the track outside of F1, as Garns says, includes our Supercar series (nimbler version of your NASCARS but with Australian bodies), National Carrera Cup series, usually an historic car demonstration and an F1-supercar-road car speed comparison.

    Off-track, again as per Garns, you’ll have stunt bikes or something similar on show, as well as a smattering of static car displays, engineering displays (last year had drone tech, school engineering projects, a kids area by the turn 11-12 fast chicane and the like) and a concert each evening. Food stalls and drinks are scattered throughout the park along with WC’s, some significant ones being behind the pit area by the lake, behind the main straight grandstand and out by turn 11 on the gold course.

    Outside the track, there’s some great dining options along the bay throughout the area, so it’s more a case of finding a taste you’re looking for. https://www.zomato.com/melbourne can help you there.
    It’s the same in the City, really anywhere between the City and the track is great food and night life.

    If there’s anything I might suggest while you’re in Melbourne, it’s to check out the National Sport Museum at the MCG (https://www.mcg.org.au/things-to-do/national-sports-museum). It has some great interactive displays and shows the great sporting history we have here.

    Hope you enjoy your stay!


    Laguna Seca – not a bad local circuit I guess :)

    As @scottie a tour of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is quite amazing- its a stunning (yet aging) stadium that would be as good as any in the world- they get 100K people for our AFL Grand Final so maybe similar as you get for the Superbowl (??)

    St Kilda is a nice place to stay, good bars and restaurants, just please be a bit careful if out later at night as there is a fair bit of drug use down there (as everywhere :( but here its a bit more than other parts of Melbourne. I have walked alone in day and night and felt safe, but just have your wits about you.

    Melbourne is one of those F1 races in there is too much to do, so keep busy. I have been to others and the off track entertainment seems non-existent, Melbourne doesn’t do that, its full on.

    Are you interested in seeing any of the drivers at all? Your GA pass wont get you on the Melbourne Walk but you can still see them if you wish.

    Tom Padlucci

    Thanks to everyone that replied with suggestions
    and answers to my questions.
    I stayed in an Airbnb in St Kilda. Great location.
    I found a good place to watch on a small hill
    inside the track near the escape road across from the Schumacher
    stands underneath the big screen. Good viewing and in the shade until
    close to race time. This helped make for a fun weekend.


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