Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Where to sit and where to watch at Albert Park?

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    Where are the best places to watch from at Albert Park?


    I would prefer a General Admission ticket myself. I don’t see why you would pay extra to sit in one spot for the whole race, a big distance from the track. The freedom to walk around and get as close as you want to the cars seems better to me.


    General admission is the way to go.
    I have been the last four years straight, for every year i watched the start from the hill on turn two, and then would move down to turns three and four, which are great because you can get so close to the cars, and because the turn is resnable slow you can get a great veiw of them going through the turns and also great for photos.

    Then back up towards turn two, but on the outside of the track for the end of the race.
    It is the quickest way to get onto the track post race to see the celebrations.


    In 2010 I was on the inside of turn 14, you’re really close to the cars at this spot and it also gave a great view of Mark losing his front wing after the incident with Lewis!

    Full set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancampbell/sets/72157623601478021/

    In 2011 I was on the outside of 14 which gave a good view of the cars approaching and exiting the corner. More crowded though.

    2011 Set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dancampbell/sets/72157626643590962/


    The last few years I’ve been on the inside of turn 3. You get really close to the cars and there’s usually some sort of incident there since it’s a good overtaking spot. If the car on the outside at 3 can keep alongside the passing car then they can try to get the position back at turn 4, which can be seen from the inside of 3. Plus Webber has the frustrating habit of exploring the gravel at turn 3 on his out laps with cold tires, he’s done it there a couple of years. There’s also a big tree there so if it’s hot there’s some shade (it was a lifesaver in ’08 when race day was 38 degrees C).

    I watched the race from the outside of turn 6 back in ’09. You’re even closer to the cars there so for any first timers coming to a GP, it’s an awesome place to feel the full force of an F1 car. I prefer turn 3 for the race since there’s no big screen at 6 to follow the race it’s but well worth a look during free practice.

    Another good photo spot in practice is the little hill inside turn 5. There’s a gap where the catch fences overlap just after the corner so you can get some unobstructed shots of the cars. They’re going pretty quick there so it’s a little tricky but the shots that do work look great. This year that area was closed off because they were doing some building work on the stadium there but hopefully it’ll be opened again next year.

    I usually watch qualifying from the hill at turns 11 and 12. There’s a screen there so you can keep up with the times coming in and you can see which drivers are really having a go on the exit of 12. I remember a few years ago seeing Kubica using all the track, kerb and astroturf outside the kerb on a qualifying lap.

    If I ever get around to putting my photos online I’ll post a couple up showing these spots.

    Pink Peril

    So far I have sat in 5 grandstands, as well as viewed the race from varying spots around the track. Personally, my favourites are the Senna stand at turn 16, and the Jones stand at turn 1. However, you can view both vantage points on a GA ticket these days & just BYO seat. Turn 16 is awesome because you can see the cars come around that last corner & gun it as they head down the straight. And turn 1 just can’t be beaten for the start of the race. If you are a keen photographer, then Brabham (turn 2) is the best spot for head on shots of the cars. If you want seating, then I’d recommend a 4 corners pass, which gives you a seat in 4 different grandstands over the 4 days. That way you can weigh up the pros & cons of each (its also a little cheaper than buying a 4 day Jones pass for example).

    Stephen Jones

    This is what i wrote last year:

    “for any GA people, some good spots to watch include: the exit of T2(good access to food and bar, lots of people though), Inside of T5 (only see the cars for a second, but they are very close and there is a superscreen directly opposite.. normally empty as well), the outside on the run to T6 (Cars go fast very quickly, about 2 metres away.. no superscreen and very far away from anything else though), T9 Hill (i sat here last year for qualifying.. good view, superscreen, there was an F1F meetup here as well), Inside of T11 – Brocky’s Hill (limited views of cars going through T11 & T12 and a superscreen.. very VERY busy though).
    And thats about it.. theres lots of spots to watch, but you only get to see the cars for a second unless you have high up spots.

    I could do with kangaroo TV (on their website it doesn’t say anything about going to Albert Park though?). The commentary at the track is average at best, but the coverage is good. I strongly suggest buying a pair of ear muffs and a radio, then feed an ear budd into the ear muffs and you can listen to the radio as your ears are protected (works a treat!)

    Food is relatively expensive, and the merchandise costs a small fortune (ok, its not that bad). If you have nothing to do, have a walk around the whole track and check out all the vantage points, or cross the pontoon bridge to the support category pits, where you have close-up access to all the other race cars.”

    and what I’ve learnt for 2012..
    1. GS is 10x better than GA if you want to actually follow the race (rather than see flashes of cars)
    2. GS is also great, since you get to see the Paddock entrance, and the back of some garages (I was simply in awe just getting a glimpse of the gates to get into the paddock!)
    3. The Time of race is amazing.. Walking across the lake in the Orange 4:00 Glow with the Track, Palm Trees and City in the background has to be seen to be believed.
    4. Add the Official AusGP Twitter Account and keep your phone on.. There are numerous Paddock tours and other goodies given away.
    5. Find a Mate to watch the race with!
    6. Brabham GS is great for action!


    I was at the inside of turn 6/7 for the race this year. A good spot for me because it was not very crowded (a long way from anything else) and you can walk around to a fast 7th part of the track or you can stand right in the inside of turn 6, close to cars, and you can see them weave around and disappear through turn 8. Theres also a gap in the fence at turn 7 where you can see the cars go into turn 8 completely open. You also have a great view across the lake and you can see the cars as the go through turn 9/10. Also a scenic part of the track.
    I had a fanvision so I didn’t need to go to a crowded area. I wanted a spot that wasn’t crowded.

    View post on imgur.com


    I’ve done GA for so many years but haven’t done it in the last couple of years, been lucky to get vendor tickets. However, when I went GA I would end up at Turn 9.

    Note: Turn 9/10 is a chicane

    – Excellent viewing of Cars coming down flat out section entering Turn 9 and exiting 10 onto the straight
    – Big screen opposite and easily viewable
    – Great atmosphere
    – Access to food and toilets close by
    – Close Access to the expo stuff they put behind the hill
    – BYO (approved) collapseable chair, or picnic rug

    – Need to queue at the gate early, to get a good vantage point
    – It gets extremely crowded and navigating in and out is extremely slow and problematic, especially if you plan on making frequent visits to buy drinks ;)
    – You are fully exposed to the sun, bring sunscreen
    – The PA system is useless when the cars are circulating, BYO AM/FM radio to tune in for commentary



    If you have a grandstand seat, are you “stuck” in the granstand, or can you wander around the GA areas as well?


    @gdog – If you have a grandstand seat you can pretty much go wherever you want.



    When you say wherever you want would I be correct in assuming that is to mean anywhere but the paddock and pits?


    @ryan49056 – that is correct, yes.



    Cheers mate


    I’ve gone for the Schumacher stand, tickets have just arrived. Plus tickets for Duran Duran in Melbourne, wins brownie points off the Mrs. :)

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