Going to the Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne

Where to sit and where to watch at Albert Park?

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    Not sure what to go for ticketwise.
    Was gonna go for 4x day GS. We will be meeting up with Sister in law + BF in Melbourne, and am pretty sure they will just do GA tickets for the race only.
    Do foxtix send to UK, or do I need to use another agent??



    Elbow are in town Wed 21st
    We will be out of town by then :(


    Finally going to my first ever GP ( well, I did watch qualifying from a hill in Monaco in 95, but that doesn’t count)

    I am flying down very early on race day, so I read all previous posts on forums about the different areas on different days, but want i really wanna know is if you had only one choice on race day to watch from anywhere in GA where would you pick?



    one choice? turn 9.

    as the cars make their way down throught the trees and come screaming around the flat-out right hander, the hairs stand on the back of your neck. then you can really watch their performance as they brake late and tear through the chicane onto the back straight.

    Here is also a great spot to watch the support races as it’s a good overtaking spot for them.

    that’d be my spot. Enjoy your first race!

    If you find yourself coming down for saturday, or if you can’t find a good spot at T9, go to the exit of turn 2… as close to turn 2 as you can. You can see the entry and apex of T1 there usually and that’d be a great spot for the race. Big screen there also and you are very very close to the cars as they go past.


    Unless you want to spend Sunday camping in one spot, were there’s a very good chance of your view being obstructed, I suggest a grandstand. There’s more freedom in wandering around, including access to “GPAdvantage” members only area. (For anyone with grandstand tickets)
    There’s no rush to get back to your seat because you’re afraid someone has taken it. Personally I love Prost stand. You see turns 15/16 and on to the straight & pit lane. There’s also an option of a premium seat on this stand which is $100 extra. Don’t bother because its only a little higher up with a cover.

    Janne Kenttala

    Been a bit quiet here, but as the big event is just around the corner, I thought to add my comments. Last year I was in turn 9 and while you see a nice big stretch of the track and several turns, there wasn’t any big screen close enough to see it properly and also it’s not really a place where a lot of overtaking happens. Although I remember Kimi trying hard even there. This year I would like to try and go to turn 2, but I am just a bit worried that it’s going to be massively packed there and since I’ll be going with my 7-year old son, I wouldn’t want to be in too tight a spot. Oh well, perhaps some day in the future I’ll be able to afford a grandstand seat or two.

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