Going to the Bahrain Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit

Developments in Bahrain ahead of the 2013 Grand Prix

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    I thought he was too busy locking people up who bad-mouthed him on twitter to be hanging out with his dictator buddies in the UAE…



    Man, that place is just getting ravaged by peaceful protesters.


    This is getting a bit ridiculous.


    I laughed at this video Keith linked. Apparently it shows a violent crackdown, yet watching it you dont actually see police doing anything but walking around. http://www.channel4.com/news/smuggled-footage-of-bahrain-crackdown

    The worst you see is some play acting where they carry a guy away and show a guy huffing and puffing. None of it can be verified.

    The women in the video is well educated and is most likely a political agent.

    I dont like seeing media getting involved these days because all the well known media houses like the state controlled BBC, or the US controlled CNN etc, are deeply corrupt and influenced by their governments. They are effectively propaganda farms. We have seen how effective those outlets are at swinging opinion. Its not what they say, its how they say it. They have become an effective political tool and have effectively brought down governments, such as Libya and now Syria. Allowing those corrupt media houses into Bahrain probably would have done nothing positive for the Bahrain government because even if all was well within the country, the media would have reported otherwise.

    I used to support revolutions against what was presented to me as unfair governments, but since the Libyan joke, I just cant stand it. They took a country that was doing incredibly well for itself and left it in ruins. It used to be a third would country with first world infrastructure, but since the bombing it is now ruled by terrorist fragments and is nothing but a pile of rubbish. All because they did not want to trade in the dollar (they wanted to use gold as a currency) and because they found oil and did not hand it over to western oil companies.


    Has anyone actually been to Bahrain at all, or at least recently?
    I have, and I saw no reasons why a race shouldn’t be held.. I was very impressed by the security levels when arriving/leaving and how safe I felt there.. Yes there are still issues, but every country has issues.. If we shouldn’t go because of violence, then should F1 also not go USA? If it is for human rights issues, then maybe F1 shouldn’t go to China either? If it is because citizens are calling for political change, maybe F1 shouldn’t go anywhere ;)
    I do think there is an awful lot of media bias against the country and the government that is swaying a lot of peoples opinions not only on this site, but around the world.. A lot of people are commenting saying F1 shouldn’t be held there, without knowing the whole picture.. They just see the bad (that is often twisted and distorted by the media to make it sound worse) and they forget all the good…

    Max Jacobson

    I am not well informed in the topic (politics and revolutions have never interested me) but the fact that basic human rights are lacking in Bahrain, such as free speech, is reason enough not to support the government. Sadly, F1 is supporting the Bahraini government by staging a race there and giving a positive outlook on a country which is oppressing its people. For that reason, I think the race shouldn’t be held.

    Alex green

    better stop china aswell


    Ηοw are things going?


    hrm……I know politics are everywhere…but lets try our best to forget about it just for one weekend at a time can we? rather read about F1 news and events and experiences to do with F1 rather then politics as I can read those on the news. Not saying I support any sides of what’s happening around the world…I’m supporting F1…as a sport and as a place I can go to from the politics…..


    Here’s hoping they don’t bring out the ‘UniF1ed’ banners again. There’s worse places F1 has raced and could race, but I’d prefer the monarchs of Bahrain would refrain from using F1 as a political tool. We know there’s still protests in your country, your people know there’s still protests in your country, you’re not fooling anyone.

    I also hope for a safe weekend for F1, but to be honest, I’m gloom about democracy happening in Bahrain anytime soon, but that’s a different topic.


    @klcc88 You always have the option of ignoring it.


    @Keith Collantine – you are closer to those in & running F1 than us- yes or no, should they hold an F1 race there, in your opinion??


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