Going to the Bahrain Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit

Going to the 2018 Bahrain Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit

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    Hi guys
    If anyone needs any help or info you are welcome to ask
    See you in April


    @triples – It wont be in 2018 but in 2019 seems likely.

    Any recommendations on hotels to stay at close to the track or tickets would be greatly appreciated.

    We would most likely look at a hospitality option, Paddock Club or a lessor version, but will look at any options.

    Any other tips on local customs (which would certainly differ from my country) would be welcome…….. mate :)


    Hi Garnes
    Dont stay at any of the hotels that are close to the circuit since Bahrain is a 1-very small Island and it doesn’t really gives you any advantage ( nearby hotels like the Sofitel and AlAreen resort will only save you about 15 or 20 minutes when compared to most of the other hotels that are at the capital Manama. They will also be very overpriced during the F1 so don’t waste your money

    2- Most of the hotels provide complimentary shuttle bus to the circuit

    3- taxis are cheap but provided you insist that they use the meter – it’s Illegal for any taxi driver to notify use the meter. Insist on the meter

    4- I have had a look at the new “F1 experience “ package . They are over priced especially if they give you a pathetic stand like the “ victory Grand stand “
    Best stands for the action are turn 1 and University Grand stand 1

    5- food and beverages at the circuit are similar in prices to Europe ( I advice you to have a good meal at any of the outlets at the petrol station opposite the circuit before you come in ( you get a lot of the mechanics and team staff eating there too )


    5- security and x ray checked are done on all visitors and they will take away any alcohol as well as any spray cans or horns . Little snacks will usually not be taken for you but they won’t allow take away food

    6- it’s hot in the day hence recommend sunscreen.

    7- no strict rules on what to wear . Women can wear short skirts and sleeveless tops if they wish inside the circuit as well as in the hotels and shopping malls.

    8- 3 Star hotels in the capital manama are reasonable priced but all of them will have at least one nightclub which are quite noisy. If you wish to stay there and you are a sensitive sleeper it’s a good idea to make sure you have ask for a quite room. Most 5 Star hotels DONOT have night clubs though.

    9- Get a telecom chip from the airport on arrivals ( there are 3 telecom providers and all three are very simialt

    10- car rentals are cheap and it might be better to rent a car if you have a family or as a group and you wish to stay for more than 3 days -Bahrain does NOT have a Good public transport service in all areas

    11- English is widely spoken .

    12- local shops DONOT ACCEPT FOREIGN CURRENCY, however credit cards are used everywhere including in supermarkets and cafes

    13- ATM are everywhere BUT DURING THE F1 they are restricted To what’s is the maximum amount you can withdraw and some banks might even stop their ATM machine from accepting any foreign cards due to high risk of frauds. It will be goood idea to have cash with you just in case

    14- There is an ATM machine located at the circuit gift shop and it’s always in service and works 24/7

    15- bahrain is very safe with a low crime rate. It’s safe to go out alone at night and all areas are reasonable secure. You can carry cash and wear jewelry and expensive clothes without any worry

    16- police and security personal are helpful but they might not all speak good English

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