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    Guy’s i’m looking for some info for camping at Spa, have just been quoted 2359 euros for three nights at a hotel not far from the track…S..t, so that’s out, anyway camp sites, your recomendations and why, and if you know how far from the track is the site? and predicted costs there will 10 plus of us.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS, and links to web sites if you have them.

    Stephanie Nash

    Ouch, that’s an expensive hotel!!

    We went to Spa for the first time this year and stayed at the CampingF1 site. To be honest I did not like it at all. The site was very bumpy and a massive hill (I know spa is hilly, but there are flat areas!) They completely ran out of water for 1 day, so no showers and overflowing toilets. The management were not overly helpful either. Our airbed went flat on the first night, so was super uncomfortable, we asked to borrow/rent one from the campsite, but they refused! So we had to spend Friday searching for one, and ended up spending 80 euros for 2 singles!! I know it is not the managements fault our airbed was defective, but I thought they could at least let us rent one!
    We have booked the green zone camping for next year, I think it will be super noisy, but it is like 2 seconds from one of the entrances, so we can relax at the track and not have to worry about driving at the end of the racing day! :)
    I have also heard that the elephant campsite is very good, but I was unable to get a response from them….!
    Steph :)


    Hi Steph, thanks for that, have you links for the’Green Zone’ and elephant campsite?

    Stephanie Nash


    I booked my tickets and camping from this site – http://www.spagrandprix.com/

    I received an email from Elephant camping this morning, stating that camping can be reserved via this link – http://fd8.formdesk.com/gerhardgaberinternational/form1
    I have not been able to view the website though, due to rubbish broadband….

    Steph :)

    Martin Lunn

    We stayed at the official F1 campsite at the top of the hill, NEVER AGAIN, absolutely appaling conditions, tap water NOT drinkable and no bottled for sale, not enough toilets and not emptied at all, bumf said showers, there was only one and wasnt working on first evening.

    AND THE WORST THING, there is a large group of Dutch who treat this as a chance to relax. They had vans with speakers that just fitted in, they have music on VERY LOUD ALL NIGHT, lighting bonfires and getting very drunk, then while you’re at the track they sleep through the day, all nice and refreshed for another night of sleep depravation.

    Drunken people being sick all night, due to lack of toilets people were using carrier bags and then throwing them about, numerous items stolen from all round the site, table, chairs, barbecues etc.

    Fighting between the drunken Dutch and some Portugese, only stopped when riot police turned up.


    Left site and found a B&B in local village and camped ( with their permision ) on their lawn.

    WORST PART, on returning to UK you cant get in touch with F1 to complain, they dont give a monkeys, my bank tried to find where my payment had gone and they couldn’t track it down. They were very appolgetic and told me what a rare occurance this was.

    Campsite cost us 150 euros for 3 nights, you can get B&B for less, look on google earth for spa, look at villages close to spa and then search for accomodation in these villages. They are familiar with F1 Fans needs and for a small fee will ferry you to and collect you from the track.

    Martin Lunn

    FORGOT TO ADD, if you’re a Red Bull fan send me a message and l will let you know where their hospitality hotel is for Spa, my son got pics with D Coulthard and C Horner ( drivers not in attendance though )

    ross bell

    @steve I stayed at the elephant in 2011 cant complain clean toliets clean and hot showers and they are all very help full if I attend spa next year i will stay with them, oh and the track is easily walkable!


    We are looking to book for Spa 2013 and after reading all the different posts about camping we now have no idea where to book. We have a 7.5 m long camper and worried that we will not be able to get to some now. Any tips would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks


    Hi Rosie

    Sorry I had not seen your post otherwise I would have replied before.

    Elephant Camping get good reports here and it looks like they might be able to help


    There is also Eau Rouge which is the site we use:


    I suggest you email Frank and Franka who speak very reasonable English to ask them (fb22047@skynet.be)

    Hope this helps



    Hi folks
    I have been to Spa each year since 2005 and ended up at Elephant. And go back every year….friendly folks, walk to track is anout 15 minutes or from Friday to Sunday you can book their shuttle bus. Good security and few problems, toilets and showers are clean.
    And if you have difficulty getting through then let me know-am not their booking office but can help in getting stuff sorted.
    And if you have special needs/oversized camper etc then let them know beforehand and they can fit you in an appropriate spot! We’ll be back there this year as well and can’t wait!

    Graham Summerfield

    What’s the parking situation at the elephant campsite? Can you park your car next to your pitch or is it in a car park? Also in the near by village is there many bars, restaurants, ect So we can have a few drinks in the evenings?


    I would highly recommend these guys, I have used them for the 2012 Belgian GP as well as at other events:


    They supply the tent and airbed, all you need is a pillow and sleeping bag. You can park next to your tent, or at least very close to it, and it is right next to Francorchamps town with a few bars/restaurants/hotels etc that are packed over the GP weekend. 15 minute walk to La Source.

    sbl on tour

    never mind all this stuff, just bring yer wellies, waterproofs and bog roll and youll be ok

    Scott Joslin

    We’ve just booked our Belgium Grand Prix race tickets and currently in discussions with campsites about finding out about the best one. Seems there is a lot of favour for the Elephant campsite. Can anyone confirm with the atmosphere is like in the evenings and how long the walk is to the circuit.


    Mark Jones

    Hi all, can someone confirm to me the price of 2 adults tent and car at the eaurouge campsite because they come in at considerably cheaper than all other sites and i am trying to do this on a budget as its my first time, i have made a booking and they have asked for a deposit with the rest in cash on arrival, which is no problem, but just want to know final fee, i have tried to mail them but no answer. any help appreciated.

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