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    Mark, I just checked my old saved emails to try to see how much I paid in 2010, but sadly I’ve deleted them.

    I contacted them myself around about this time of year and received a reply fairly promptly, so they should get back to you. I too asked if they could confirm how much I owed and it wasn’t a problem. Sorry I can’t be more help to you. Hopefully see you there for a beer, if I find the money to book this year soon enough!

    It’s a really nice campsite and anyone else who’s looking to save a few quid should definitely check it out. But only if you’re happy with a bit of a walk to the circuit.

    James Gadbury

    Hi all,

    Trying to pick a decent camp site for a group of 6 people. We’re all around the 30+ year-old mark.

    I don’t like the things I’m reading about the circuit camp sites (green and yellow/gold), or the Camping F1 site – too expensive and too dirty!

    Has anyone stayed (or is planning to stay) at the Camping Familial camp site in Arimont? I was referred there by the Camping L’Eau Rouge camp site because they are fully booked (no chalets or pitches left). Camping Familial looks like a family site which could potentially be too quiet for some of our group, although we’re not absolute party animals. Just want a beer, a laugh and some entertainment (probably in Malmedy) shared with like-minded F1 fans. They run a shuttle service for the Grand Prix weekend so I expect there should be plenty of F1 fans staying there. Just trying to get an idea of atmosphere at this camp site over the GP weekend. I can’t find anyone else talking about it.

    Is anyone planning to stay at Camping Familial for 2013, or stayed here before for the GP? Any thoughts?

    The alternative seems to be Elephant, which sounds like everyone’s choice!

    Website: http://www.campingfamilial.be/

    Aish Heydrich

    IS there any Spa, near Spa? I’d be sore from all the camping so..


    Yet another newbie signing up with camping related questions. Trying to work out where to book, travelling as a group of 7 across 2 cars. Elephant seems be to be highly rated, does anyone know what the atmosphere is like? Not looking for somewhere that does all night partying but at the same time an overly quiet family type of place might not be the best for 7 people aged between 26 and 27.

    We are planning on booking general access tickets, driving down from Leeds to Dover. Then its the ferry to Calais and the drive from there to the campsite.


    When we went to Spa back in 2011 we decided to stay here.

    The site itself is just up the hill from Spa (the town) and not too far to walk to if you travel there by train as we did. No complaints about the site at all. There was a shuttle bus to the track on Fri-Sun and the owners were happy to organise a taxi for us on the Thursday for the pit walk.

    The town of Spa is an excellent place to spend a few days after the race and the actual Spa is ideal for repairing the damage done by walking up and down Eau Rouge for three days!


    Hello All

    I’m new to F1 and i’ve never been to a race before but I’m planning on taking my partner to spa as a birthday present. As we’ve never been to spa before I was wondering if its worth staying in the green or yellow campsite just for the atmosphere ? My partner camps at sliverstone every year, dose anyone know if they are similar campsite ? I’ve been to a few festive so i’m us to slumming it and dont mind that the shower dont work. He’s a REALLY big fan and has been since he could talk! So what i’m wondering is, as a big fan going to a race you’ve never been to before where would you want to say ? I would be grateful for any advice anyone could give

    Many thanks


    Third year if going to spa and we are booked to camping eau rouge great site very cheap takes tents caravans and campers. Friendly staff showers toilets etc and a fresh bread lady comes every morning.

    Free shuttles to and from circuit apart from after race which is approx 20 min back to site but its a slight down hill so easy walk

    Would recommend

    I think for 3 of us for 5 nights with electric and large tent we paid no more than 150 euro I’m sure it was cheaper though


    Like a number of us on here I’ve not ventured away from Silverstone or Le Mans (if that qualifies as not F1…) but this year I and a couple of mates are hitting Spa and plan on camping – I’ve seen good reviews for Elephant and mixed reviews for Green Camping with the circuit…
    Can anyone give me a heads up on what’s best, has anyone camped at both and can give a comparison?
    Things I’m keen to understand is easy access to the circuit, how far is the nearest bar/town, any entertainment etc… Once I have a better understanding I can make an informed decision and make sure that we are prepared in terms of meals and what happens in the evenings..?
    Any advice will be gratefully received 


    http://www.francorchamps-camping.com/ – have a look to the map and you will see: the ditance to the circuit main entrance Ster is around 1 km. Party people please have a look to the green zone – not at The Elephant ;-)
    At The Elephant it’s a must that toilets and showers are CLEAN!

    If you come to visit the race at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, please go to Francorchamps. Spa you have a walk of around 15 km ;-))
    Greetings from Francorchamps

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