Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Can you meet the drivers for photographs and autographs?

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    Christine Hood

    My friend and I are going to Spa in August and we haven’t bought our tickets yet. Reading previous posts it seems that Eau Rouge, Bus Stop and Gold 2 are the best seats. Do you need to buy a particular ticket to be able to meet the drivers for photographs and autographs? We will be there on Saturday and Sunday!

    Any advice would be very welcomed, thank you very much :)


    I don’t know about Spa specifically, but I’m assuming they have a merchandise park like Silverstone. I’d urge you to keep your ears open to announcements because sometimes the drivers appear at these merch stands. I was a jammy bugger and happened to be in the right place at the right time when Anthony Davidson signed a load of autographs when he was the third driver at BAR. Also lucked into seeing Schumacher and Barrichello muck about in some sort of simulators/racing game Vodafone had rigged up. Keep your ears open and remember to get there early!

    Christine Hood

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it. After what you have said I will keep my ears open and I will also try and find the merchandise park, thank you.
    I do think a lot if it is right place, right time and trying to be a jammy so and so like yourself! ;)
    Thank you once again,

    Matt Clark

    Hi Christine,

    I went to Spa last year and sat at Eau Rouge. If you want to meet drivers for autographs and pictures you will need to head to the track on Thursday afternoon for the pit lane walk. In the past this was free to enter with a valid weekend ticket. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet I would def recommend trying to add Thurs and Friday to your experience as there is heaps of cool things to see and do.

    Christine Hood

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you very much for your message, I really appreciate it.
    Great Thursday it is!! We will certianly spend the day around the pit lane and we do have a 3 day pass so it is a bonus that it’s free!
    Thank you again :)
    If your going have a great time too!!


    what time is the gridwalk at Spa on the Thursday?

    Christine Hood

    Good question, I don’t know actually and it would be great to find out…



    Pit walk about normally 4 start queuing from 2

    Last year they let too many people in all at once very tight squeeze you have to pick your favourite driver and stand your ground if your going for a top team

    Force India etc always quiet you can chat to the drivers down there

    Managed 2 years ago to get all drivers autographs bar Schumacher and Rosenberg between 2. Of us

    Nick Lewis

    Where do you queue for the pitwalk?

    Sorry if that’s stupid question, but we’ve never been to Spa before. Gold 2 Weekend tickets arrived by UPS today!! It’s real now…. Do we simply show those for the Thursday??



    Hi Nick
    to queue for the pitwalk you need to be at the La source entrance (it is the only entrance open). And don’t forget if you have weekend tickets (usually 3 different tickets one for each day) then you need to take ALL of them with you to be let in……….
    I find the crush too much so i tend to just wander about and take photos ……..
    Can’t wait- tickets arrived last week but got Goodwood to look forward to to get me in the mood!

    Nick Lewis

    Hi Carol,

    Many thanks – that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

    I had a feeling it might be a tad crowded!!



    Hi guys,

    Just a quick question – we have been to loads of grand prix but 1st time going to Spa :-)
    Can you take your own food and drink into the circuit or do they search and take it off you (like most do)?
    Also is there an official drivers signing session or just the pit walk?
    Thanks for your help x

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