Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix.


    I’m going. It will be my first visit to Spa, and I cannot wait. I’m a veteran of Silverstone but have never been to any of the other tracks. It would be good to get some tips on campsites, grandstands, food availability outside the track and of course local bars.

    I’m planning on traveling by car from the UK on the Thursday, and leaving again on the Monday. At the moment, I’m thinking the Elephant campsite looks good. It seems pretty close to the Eau Rouge side of the circuit, which is where I am likely to go for a grandstand seat.


    Hi Narv
    try to get there in time for the pitlane walk at 4pm! If you need any info or help on elephant camping then let me know!
    Can’t wait for 2012- just booked my tockets! Whoop!


    @siberianlady Hey, i’m thinking of going to Spa with a few friends next year, i was just wondering where do you usually buy your tickets from as i’m not sure where to get them. Thanks


    Hi Nick
    always buy my tickets from here:
    Never had any problems with them and their folks pretty helpful if you need to change delivery address etc.
    Remember 20% discount still till November 1st so book early if you want a really good deal!


    @siberianlady Thanks for your help! :)

    Force Maikel

    O.K. listen i am going to tell you something and dont laugh. I’m from Belgium and never have been to the Grand Prix.


    I am going to stay with a friend from Brussels, and taking the train to spa. What is the best way to get any accomadation. I really hate camping, anyone know of any hotels or B&Bs that would have any vacancies for 2012? Also, do you really need to get grand stand tickets, or is general admission the way to go. I have only been to Canada and Monaco, and you had to get seats, or you cannot see anything. I am going on my own, so I would prefer to be able to just walk all around the circuit


    @daver Might be better off asking here:

    Where to stay near Spa-Francorchamps?

    Wayne Whitaker

    I’ve just decided to go to Spa and Monza next year. Haven’t really decided on a stand, & have no idea where to stay or how to get to the circuits. Recently returned from Singapore ( easy), Japan ( arduous) and Korea ( testing) and have decided to do some European races.


    Went to the belgium gp in 2011 and going again in 2012, thought i would share some of my experiences. Bought tickets from the official site (www.spagrandprix.com), and had no problems at all. Tickets arrived several months in advance. I camped on the official yellow camping and had tickets for silver 2. Read several reviews on both yellow camping and silver 2 grandstand and was a little worried before I arrived as neither was favourable. Finding the campsite was a nightmare, the instructions supplied just took me to a locked gate that am sure would be open come raceday but not on the thursday when i arrived! For yellow camping, when arriving on thursday just head into francorchamps and ask someone. The campsite was basic, there were showers in the football club and a portacabin, they wernt the cleanest ive been in but they did the job. Toilets were the usual thunderboxes but they were emptied every morning until sunday, by monday morning they were nasty! Read reviews of people being charged extra for taking too much space and people coming round with tape measures, but I saw none of this! They did cram us in pretty tight but no worse than any other campsite at a big event. Noise levels at night were never a problem, I slept every night. It was a short walk through francorchamps to the track, with the added bonus that you could look out for drivers making their way to the track. The grandstand seat I had was excellent, you could see the cars all the way down the straight and up eu rouge, Although the debris fence did obscure the view a little so taking pictures wasnt the best. Has a good wander around the track and boy is it a hard track to walk round, the tv does not do justice to the elevation changes, Eu rouge is a hill not a slope! Food at the track was basic and expensive, so I took food with me, drinks were just ridiculous prices so again took it with me. Had no problems taking food and drink into the track, nothing was ever checked to see what I had in my bag. It rained for most of the weekend, I got wet too many times, but would I do it again? O yes! Am going again in 2012 and have already booked gold 9 seat and yellow camping again, but this year am heading from spa straight down to monza.


    We are hoping to go to spa next year and it will be our first overseas race – are we best to book a package or sort something ourselves – would prefer to be staying close to the circuit.

    We usually camp at Silverstone so like the idea of arriving and then not having to drive anywhere all weekend.

    Any tips would be gratefully appreciated


    we are going for the first time, and have booked thru http://www.motoexpress.co.uk – it’s a package deal, hotel Thursday thru til Monday with transport on Quali and Race Days, our tickets are for Eau Rouge grandstand. We are SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited and would love any tips/info/secrets that you care to share

    craig green

    Well ive just booked my tickets for Spa, First ever GP had to make sure it was Spa!! Love it…Anyway planning on flying over to Colonge and to hire a camper for a week few days in germany then over to Spa, Anyone reccomend any rental firms?


    Hi Guys
    Got my tickets ordered and the elephant camping sorted for next year – can’t wait.
    Hoping someone can put my mind at rest,
    I got my tickets from spa-tickets.be
    I know realise that this isn’t the official site
    but has anyone else ever got tickets from these guys and was everything okay?

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