Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2013 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Going to my first Grand Prix!
    Very excited!
    2nd visit to Spa – did 24hrs in ’05
    3rd GP2 level event – F3000 supported BPR and ITC at Silverstone in 95 and 96 (I think)


    There’s a group of 4 of us going for our first ever grand prix, we’re driving over and camping in the green campsite. I’ve heard that the food on site is a bit questionable so we were going to stock up on supplies… does anyone have any tips on where we can go shopping? any recommended towns nearby??


    not sure I can provide any sensible suggestions but adopting a Geordie accent if you drive through Wayai is obligatory!


    There is a Lidl in Stavelot just as you enter the town on the left hand side (from circuit end).

    We can also recommend Stavelot for an evening out. No clubs so not raucous but a number of good cafes, bars and restaurants. One of our favourites is Casino Pizzeria which we always go to on the evening before all our guests start arriving – their pizzas are just superb.


    Going back to Spa for the 4th year on the trot. Will be staying in Francorchamps at the campsite opposite the Racing Hotel and got tickets for Eau Rouge (too old to be able to hack the 6am start to get to Pouhon for the race). Can’t wait for the parties, fireworks, shocking music, meeting all the like-minded people and apparently there is a race at some point as well. Highlights from last year for me were the JB win, Natalie Pinkham turning up at the campsite and the lunatic that turned up on Sunday night with a transit van full of fireworks. Having a few beers on the grass at Eau Rouge post-race in late afternoon sun was also pretty awesome.

    Alex green

    Ive camped but i prefer a soft pillow and a hot shower nowadays if your like me you might want to check out http://www.belgianrail.be/en/ i stay in a town called leuven and train in back and forward to verviers and at w/ends belgian rail do a “any belgian staion” ticket which includes buses which is handy for the bus to the circuit from verviers station as some years the buses were free with your race ticket and some years you have to pay


    Hi folks
    great to see so much interest already!
    For those asking for a link etc to Elephant campsite- here it is- any probs then let me know
    Will be back at Spa for my 7th trip and can’t wait.
    And for the guy asking if he should do Germany or Spa……..no contest Spa wins hands down (i live in Germany so have done both!)
    Look forward to chatting!


    So, I have never been to any raceday’s before, nothing whatsoever, but me and a few friends are thinking we want to come to Spa as it is always a decent race.

    Will be coming over from England, (probably will drive over). Anyone know what the cheapest way of doing this is? We’ll be getting GA tickets which we’ve seen for just over £100 each. There is 4 of us, so will be camping ideally somewhere, as I have had a little browse for hotels and they seem to be well over £500 each per night which is just ridiculous.

    Just have a few questions:
    Where is the best place to be on the circuit?
    What is the etiquette at a F1 race, as the only sporting events I go to are football, and the occasional cricket match, which I can’t imagine is very similar?
    What is the evening entertainment like in the surrounding areas of the circuit and is it all accessible from local campsites ?
    What day do people recommend arriving and leaving if we were to get weekend tickets? We were looking at arriving on either Thursday or Friday, and heading back towards England on the Sunday after the race? Looking at potentially stopping at another City for the Sunday evening on the way home in a hostel or something and a night out.
    Any other tips for an ‘F1 virgin’?

    Any help would be fantastic as we’re looking to have the best time possible.

    Thanks all in advance



    My son & I went to Spa on Gen.admission last year. Pouhon was fine for us but not much action. Need to be seated by 9am on Saturday or 8am on Sunday if you want a decent seat on the hill though – very steep so be prepared….
    This year we’re going to the Kemmell str8 as there should be more action there.
    Food is expensive & expect lengthy queues, same for toilets ladies, guys can just go in the woods!


    Hi me and my boyfriend are going to our first race to spa this year and I was wondering a few things before we book. Which campsite is the best as we don’t particularly want to walk far to the track and need somewhere with clean toilets ( not portaloos)? Also I was wondering which entrance is the best to watch the race from pouhon and how long it takes to get to this part of the race track from above entrance?

    Thanks in advance


    Apologies for slow replies!

    @Simon Longster: Thanks! Can’t remember who we booked through but I think it may have been them.

    @quickquickslow: Thanks for the advice, we think we’ve figured out the travel now, hopefully my French will stand up to the test! And if not, we think we know of a taxi rank in Malmedy. Also considering renting an electric bike (http://www.eastbelgium.com/nl/actualiteiten/article/neue-e-bike-broschuere-2013-ist-da/) but probably won’t bother if you’re not allowed to use it for moving around the track. If anyone has any news on whether this is allowed and if there’s anywhere to lock your bikes up, it would be much appreciated!

    Does anyone know of a supermarket in Malmedy? I’ve had a look on Google streetview but can’t find the ones that are supposedly there. Buying a couple of bits and bobs will be cheaper than getting food from the circuit and eating at restaurants.


    Need some help please,

    Thinking of going via Eurotunnel to Calais, has anyone done this? And if so what is a realistic transfer time from Calais to the circuit. Going all weekend so hoping that Friday will not be TOO busy.

    Any help would be really appreciated.


    This will be my 1st visit to Spa. Booked my 3 Day Ticket November last year for Gold 3 Eau Rouge so as to get some discount and hopefully a decent Seat ! Having just read some threads on here it seems sitting in this stand is NOT as good ! as one would think, I opted to go here as thought a) its just gotta be the place to view from : ) b) its covered should it rain : ( Does anyone else have any experience sitting here ?
    Also with the 3 Day pass are you FREE to sit / roam anywhere except on Race day and if so where are other good places to view from ? and what time is the Thurs pit lane walkabout ? I am staying about 30mins away at Rivage-Sprimont and traveling by Car each day.
    Any Tips/ Recommendations relating to any of this very much appreciated, as like others, being my 1st visit .

    Cheers & thanx

    Jane Smith

    4th time to Spa this year, along with Silverstone and Nurburgring. Here is my tuppence worth. We take a late night tunnel crossing on Thursday (use Tesco vouchers to pay for it!) then drive for a couple hours to other side of Lille for a budget motorway hotel. Rise early morning and drive to circuit, takes a couple more hours to get to circuit. We TRY to park in a nearby village and then bike in :) We usually stay Monschau way in Germany as rooms, beer and wine are cheaper. This year, too late for that (only just got permiss for time off work) so we are staying at Clervaux, Luxembourg, about 50 mins from circuit. I LOVE GA at Spa…ypu can always get a view somewhere and it is great value for money. I have done Silverstone, Hockenheim, Nurburgring, Spa, Istanbul, Monza, Magny Cours, Catalunya, Singapore, Hungaroring many times over the last few years…sometimes paying almost £1000 for 2 weekend tickets, without accommodation and flights, so a peverse bit of me gets a real kick out of doing Spa on a budget now. Have done pit straights there but love the atmosphere, sights, amazing views had for GA. Great value for money. Tips: unless you arrive and stay rooted in one spot you prob won’t be able to follow every millisecond of the race. Record it and watch when you get home :) DO walk the circuit…but you have to be reasonably fit as it is unbelievably steep. DEF take a waterpoof cape to cover you head to toe, quickly. DO take tissues and wet ones or hand wipes ladies…need I say more. Take your own food and a flask if you can. Food at circuit is overpriced, limited and not particularly good quality. Be prepared to get wet and dirty. Sturdy footwear is a must, as are binoculars. be prepared for the weather to change very quickly. Don’t expect to find a flat surface for your portable chair unless you arrive VERY early (which is just about every camper!), instead, be prepared to stand or buy a folding shooting stick to rest your bum now and again. GREAT views of Eau Rouge can be had from The Village but PLEASE don’t just hog a bench for the day like some greedy sods! let everyone have their views too. Above all, if you are GA, go with an open mind, try as many views as you can and don’t get hung up on race positions, lap times etc… Just drink in the atmosphere!

    ross Gerry

    Hi All!!

    My first time going to Spa and am just about to book tickets!!! I’m looking at the GOLD7 grandstand at la source. was just wondering if anyone had any previous experience with this grandstand?



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