Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Going to the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix.



    I was wondering what was the best moment to buy tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix?
    Currently, there is a -20% discount on the week-end tickets (until 31/10). Can I find a better price if I buy them the days before the GP? Or at another moment?

    Than you very much!

    Ellie Mallory

    Looking for some advice on getting back to brussels intl airport after the Grand Prix. There’s a flights at 20:10 is it feasible to make it there in that time?
    What would be the best method of transport?

    Alex green

    ive made it back to brussels before 6pm,youll just need to get up the hill fast to catch the bus to the train station and get on the first train,the times ive stayed in brussels ive made it back for 6pm easily,and for the airport get off at leuven some 20mins before brussels and catch the airport express from there

    david ball

    yes i’m planning a trip to the 2014 grand prix at spa traveling with my mate by car from the west midlands (england) anyone know who’s safe to order tickets from

    also any views on campsites want somewhere not to noisy and with clean showers and toilets etc free wifi would be a bonus as well


    @david bell – Best site for tickets is the official site. Always reliable -http://www.spagrandprix.com/

    camping – It is always recommended on here but The Elephant is a good balance between location, atmosphere and getting some sleep. Still plenty of beer flowing but they do keep the site fairly quiet after midnight / 1am. http://www.francorchamps-camping.com/
    Used The Elephant for the first time in 2013 and it deserves its excellent reviews. Toilets and showers are always clean. About 20 minute walk to the track from the site and there is a small bar just up the road.
    Camping nearer at the track is party town, great if you want to party but if you want even a little sleep then no good. Typically full on noise until 6am.

    Force Maikel

    I have never been to a Grand Prix in my life, seeing as I’m from Belgium, I find this little personal fact a disgrace but for the last 5 years I always had another event in the last weekend of August, however this year the Grand Prix will be in the penultimate weekend of August, I finally have the opportunity to go and I’m hell bent on not letting this one slip trough my fingers

    As a first time visitor, naturally I have some questions, would you chaps recommend camping or finding a hotel/B&B? Does anyone have experience with seats at Les Combes?

    Any advice is welcome!


    Hi guys

    Thinking of going to Belgium for 2014. Will be travelling by car (probably) from South Wales. Where would we sail from & to? What’s the best campsite to stay at? I can see The Elephant is recommended but any other options/experiences?



    Ben Needham

    Just thought I’d share my 2013 experience with you and maybe you can pick up some pointers.

    I’m from the UK and went with my Dad and brother for all three days. We drove there, via the Eurostar and got to our campsite for around 2pm on the Thursday. I believe the campsite was called L’Eau Rouge as it’s situated right next to the river that the famous corner gets it’s name from. The campsite was superb, lively in areas for those who want it and quiet for enough for a good nights sleep, which you’ll certainly need.

    In terms of location it’s around a 25-30minute walk from the entrance near Blanchimont. Or, if you’re a bit clever, take bikes, plenty of places to lock them up outside the circuit and saves about 20 minutes of walking.

    Be sure to go to the circuit on the Thursday to walk through the pits. We got good views of Hamilton, Vettel and Webber by being at the right place at the right time.

    You’ll be amazed at quite how hilly the circuit and surroundings are. I’m a reasonably fit bloke in my 20’s and was exhausted by the time we sat down.

    With general admission we used Friday and Saturday to walk the perimeter of the track and scout out a good spot for Sunday. We finally settled on sitting at the edge of the Kemmel straight. Here we saw most of the passing, great photo opportunities and a good view of most of the circuit.

    Something to note as well is the weather, it will, 100% rain at some point over the weekend. We took a large tarpaulin (waterproof sheet) which we sat on, whenever it rained we flipped the back of it over our heads and stayed dry, even throughout the soaking qualifying on Saturday. Interestingly you can see the different weather hanging over different parts of the circuit and you can make a reasonable guess as to when the rain is paying you a visit.

    The circuit is easy to navigate and there is food and drink all around, at hefty cost mind you… We brought beers, sandwiches and crisps in with us which lasted all day, though the smell of fresh doughnuts may help to prise your wallet open…

    It was an incredible weekend, if anyone would like any more information, shout and I’ll see if I have experiences that might help.

    Andrew jones

    In total agreement with the previous post by Ben.
    Spa very easy to get to by car via eurotunnel (just follow all the other Brits!)
    The campsite L’Eau Rouge is superb with decent facilities.
    Claim a spot on the Kemmel straight around 8am race morning and you’ll get a great view plus a giant screen.
    Take a trip into Stavelot and check out the patisserie as you enter town :)))
    It’s a great weekend in beautiful surroundings and in my opinion more enjoyable than Silverstone.

    justin herridge

    hi all, managed to convince my partner to go to spa for 4 nights this year , booked up gold 10 at the foot of eau rouge, expensive ..but hell may never get another chance!, – and i really want to see eau rouge if im there, anybody else sat here in the past ?

    Mark Sturman

    Currently looking at booking for the GP this year. I’m considering staying in Brussels and travelling to the circuit on the day, does anyone know how easy it is to get to the circuit on the day and what the best mode of transport would be? The hotels I’ve looked at are in the centre of Brussels.

    If anyone has any idea of an approximate cost for getting to and from the circuit that would be a great help.


    Hello all … I want to buy some tickets for my husbands birthday, but I’m confused as to where to buy the tickets from.

    I think I’ve found the tracks website which took me to this site for tickets – http://www.spagrandprix.com
    and a Google search gave me – http://www.belgium-grand-prix.com/en/2680-belgium-f1/
    and one of my husband friends suggested – http://www.bookf1.com/f1-belgium/tickets.htm

    The first two are about the same prices but Book F1’s delivery costs are very high in my opinion, but I wouldn’t mind paying the extra delivery for the right tickets.

    I realise that the tickets won’t be here until closer to the race but I would like to give him the email conformation as one of his presents next week.

    Thanks for any help


    justin herridge

    hi cat, i believe all 3 sites you mentioned are reputable, personally i always book with the actual circuit nowadays for security and peace of mind (in this case thats the spagrandprix.com one,, ive ordered mine recently through them, you’l get email confirmation straightaway and then an invoice receipt once your payment has cleared(that sometimes takes a few days) but at least you’l have an email to show your husband, we wont get our tickets for a while yet as its 8 months away but its nice to have everything booked up in advance isnt it, regards, justin


    Spagrandprix.com is the official (and the best) website to book the tickets :)

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