Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

How to get to Spa-Francorchamps

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    Share your tips on getting to the track.


    we hope to drive to the track for Practice, as our package deal only includes Quali and Race day transport, we would welcome ANY advice, as this will be our first non Silverstone experience, and we still have to lie down in a darkened room remembering our first time THERE! LOL.


    Make the route to the track PERFECTLY clear, planned and preferably drive all the way to the track a day or two before to check out everything.
    The roads in the mountains might look all joy, but in a pre-F1 caos it is utterly horrible.
    Also map down alternate escape routes when you want to leave because it is mayhem on those tiny roads!
    The signs that show you to the track, parking etc. is useless. No one speaks a word English, and when you get ready to try out your german on someone they speak French.
    I don’t want to discourage people from going there, because it is brilliant when you first get there. Just be well prepared and make sure you know where you are going.


    I’m camping at the elephant campsite and intend to head back to the UK Sunday night. The last Eurotunnel crossing is at 22.42, has anyone got any experience/advice as too realistic it is to be able to make it back in time to catch this crossing? Allowing an hour for check in and 3hours 20 mins travel time as given by route finders, which are obviously not realistic on race day I would need to leave Spa by 18.20. Any comments appreciated folks. Thanks.


    when we went for my 16th last year, we setoff wednesday afternoon, about 5:30pm to hull where we caught the ferry to Rotterdam. After the overnight ferry we arrived in holland at 8:30am, we then did a 3.5 hour journes to spa francorchamps (it only took that long because there was a major accident near Antwerp, it would of take 2 hours) we then went to the pit walk at 4pm.

    On the way back we set off at monday Lunchtime and took the same route as we came back to our home in Doncaster

    If anyone was at Elephant in 2011 and saw a Blue Focus RS That was us


    @nickdeville I like the idea of an overnight ferry. Could you link me please?

    Our plan is to either get a lift with a mates work colleague or catch the Eurostar.


    we probably did see you there last year…..hope the weather is better for us this year!


    Guide to get to Spa-Francorchamps using Trains and Public Transport. Disclaimer: I did this not on the Grand Prix weekend so it is much easier and smoother.

    I started out at Brussels. You will need to get a train to Verviers Central. From Brussels, it cost around 17euro one way. Typically one train per hour. It should go through Leuven, then Liege-Guillemins before reaching Verviers Central. Journey time around 1hr 30min.

    Head up to the main hall of Verviers Central train station and take the exit that leads you to the TEC buses. (Signs have the red and yellow bus symbols). The bus terminal is directly in front of the exit of the train station. Take Bus number 294 or 395 as they have more or less duplicated routes. There’s one per hour when i visited, that means, either 1 294 or 395 per hour.

    Go for the stop that is FRANCORCHAMPS – Route de Fagnou. Journey time around 45min and onboard fare is 4.25euro one way (it should be 4 zones); not very sure how much it will be if you paid using the travel card. After alighting, head downhill, the same direction as where the bus was heading and you’ll reach a roundabout. Take the first right and that brings you to the entrance of the circuit. It’s near parking 1, 2 and 3.

    For more info, visit Belgium Rail and TEC Buses for the Walloon Region

    Hope it helps anyone who wishes to visit the track on the other non-F1 days like i did. I went for the guided tours around the circuit which covered the Paddock, Pit Building and i especially like the visit into the Podium, Press Conference room and Media Centre. Buffet is served during lunch hours at the Pit Brasserie on the roof of the Pit Building for 15euro. Fantastic view of the circuit at the Terraces.

    Ciaran O'Toole

    Hello, My name is Ciaran and I will be going to Spa next year with general admission. We have booked a hotel in Brussels but does anyone know when to leave, how to get there and finishing the journey by foot as we will be taking a train to brussels. Thanks

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