Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Leaving the Circuit after the Race

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    Hi everyone,
    Recently just got bronze tickets for my dad, my little brother and myself for the weekend and in the rush of things i booked a flight back to Dublin from Brussels Charleroi Airport at 19:30 on Sunday, which I’m now thinking is too early. With the race starting at 1pm does anyone know if a 19:30 flight home will be possible to make with traffic? The latest flight out of Brussels to Dublin is at 20:00 will that make any difference or will I have to book a flight home on Monday.


    Part of your answer might come from where you are viewing the race from and whether you want to hang around to get on the circuit after the race. If you’ve not been before you must get on to Eau Rouge just to appreciate the steepness and By the time you’ve walked up to watch them derigging the pits it will be quite late. My campsite is at Stavelot and it’s quite a walk to the gate from the F1 village side, in excess of 25 minutes. I recommend staying an extra night, it’s a real good atmosphere at our site on Sunday night, replaying the race on a big screen etc. You’ll want to go again so use this one as a guide.


    I usually wait a couple of hours on track and the leave as one of the last and there’s still heaps of traffic. Last year was an absolute nightmare with Verstappen, this year with Vandoorne will be even worse.

    I got bronze too, and I usually am near the track by 6, and leave as late as I can. With really only one route to Brussels and the rest of the country it’s always a pile up.


    Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of watching the race from the end of the kemmel straight so I’d be close the the parking but honestly I think now that knowing that making a 19:30 flight home would be tight, it would probably ruin the day for us constantly panicking about leaving. Thanks for the advice, can’t wait for the weekend.


    Info is probably too late for you now, but for anyone planning for next year: we’ve been advised up to three hours to get back to Brussels city centre after the race. (Also remember it’s a 2pm start in Belgium because of time difference to Ireland.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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