Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Where to sit and where to watch at Spa-Francorchamps?

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    Where are the best places to watch from at Spa-Francorchamps?


    For practice 1,2,3 + Qualifying we went to Pouhon and Kemmel Straight, For the race we stayed in Gold 2 amazing seats seeing the cars come round la source, and Pouhon and Kemmel were just as exilerating


    Depends what you want. I found the grandstands a bit cramped and restricting…..and if you sit in an uncovered one and the heavens open (which they tend to do pretty frequently in Spa) then all you’ll see are the brollies in front of you…… Had reports from folks last year that although they had expensive gold seats they saw nothing for just that reason. Wherever you choose you will need rain gear, good footwear (it is definitely not the place for heels and glamour) and keep warm as it can be pretty chilly! Shampoo on Eau Rouge after the race makes up for all that though!


    Does anyone have any idea as to what GA areas will be available in 2012? Can’t imagine it changes much year to year but it helps plan our trip if we know where to base ourselves when we’re camping.


    Edit: Found one myself here http://www.bookf1.com/event/motorsport/f1-grand-prix/images/circuit%20de%20spa-francorchamps-circuit-diagram.gif if it’s any use to anyone.


    I went in 2010 with GA. During practice and qualifying I mainly watched from Pouhon. It is a great spot here and it doesn’t fill as quickly as the spot at Les Combes (I never watched from there). For the race, I watched from the Bus Stop chicane. I can really recommend this spot as I saw the chaos on the first lap and Vettel hitting Button there, as well as a few other passes. Basically, Pouhon, Les Combes and the Bus Stop are the best spots for GA, but it is worth walking around on Friday.


    I’m going this year, got a 3 day general admission ticket, think i may watch qually along the kemmel straight somewhere and try and get a seat at les combes on the Sunday… is this a good idea?



    Me and a friend are planning on going this year, and we would like to sit in Eau Rouge… but we are looking at £411 as the cheapest ticket according to the official F1 website… is this the best place to get tickets from? can I get them cheaper elsewhere and what are views like from this corner?

    any info I would be greatfull, Thanks


    http://www.spagrandprix.com/ should be a bit cheaper.

    Ill already booked Gold 3 Eau Rouge weekend pass, and will go together with a friend and his dad. Will be my first Grand Prix visit ever. Looking immensely forward to it.


    William, I sat in silver 2 at the bottom of Eu rouge last year and the view was awesome, you saw the cars coming down the straight and up eu rouge. Is much cheaper than the gold grandstands but still a exceptional view. It is uncovered so got very wet last year but was worth it.


    cheers for the info guys

    graham d

    Going General Access this year and enjoyed Kemmel straight and pouhon last year on the practice days (had grandstand gold 2 for the race).
    Can anyone recommend any other good areas for GA at Spa especially on race day?
    Never got to check out blanchimont or the bus stop, can anybody reccommend?
    Any other good places i have not mentioned?
    Thanks, Graham


    Can anyone of you tells me if it is still possible to see the Friday practice on one of the grandstands with a GA ticket for the weekend?


    In ’09 I sat on the infield of “Bruxelles” overlooking the drop to Pouhon. Decent infront of a TV screen and I think in subsequent years there’s been a fair bit of action. As mentioned above, lots of scope for sitting at the top end of Kemmel (I fell asleep in Qualifying there…)

    Ben Weaver

    Is the podium on the pit straight here or is it on the straight where Gold 2 is?

    Sam Eden

    @ Ben Weaver

    Podium is on the pit straight, opposite the gold 1 grandstand.

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