Going to the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

Where to sit and where to watch at Spa-Francorchamps?

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    Ciaran O'Toole

    I’m going to Spa in 2013 for GA. Could someone tell me when the ideal times to get there are and where it fills up slowest, I was thinking of the last chicane, Kemmel straight or Pouhon. Can someone tell me if thats the right place to be.


    Can anyone who’s sat in the covered gold 3 at the top of Eau Rouge please give their views on the seating we have read a review that there not very good and we could do with some feed back, review below. Thanks in advance.

    Gold: 3 Eau-Rouge
    By Louise, 14 Oct 2012
    The circuit and facilities were fantastic, however there was a real problem with our seats and I would advise anyone to AVOID Gold 3. The grandstand is not at enough of a gradient and as a result all you are able to see is the entry to Eau Rouge at a distance and nothing else, despite the cars coming up the hill and passing right infront of the grandstand. That Spa are allowed to charge nearly £400 for these seats is shocking. If you are lucky to get a spot you can leave your seat and stand at the fence to watch, the view then is amazing. We climbed under the grandstand at one point to try and get a better view and were moved on by the grandstand marshall, who on discussion said that everyone complains about these seats. This is obviously an ongoing problem and until it is sorted out I would advise anyone to choose another grandstand.


    I sat in Gold 2 which is good for the covering, if it rains, but you don’t see that much you can’t see the 1st corner from 1/2 of the seats so don’t rely on being able to see it as a building gets in your way and the cars going up eau-rouge look tiny so you really just see cars going past you, if i was to go again, i would probably choose somewhere with covering and a big screen like gold 2 has, but I think gold 1 is a better place in terms of corners.


    Pouhon or Kemmel is best for GA. Screens in view. Pouhon has plenty of space but get there early (9am Saturday or 8am Sunday) or you’ll miss out. Great atmosphere there though.
    Kemmell had all the action last year so that’s where I’m going.
    Lat year we needed sun-tan lotion btw, this year will probably get trench-foot!

    mark adams

    for GA: les combes, Pouhon and Bus top
    For silver: Silver 1 & 2
    Gold: 3 & 4 (only been there on non f1 and without grandstands)
    i wouldn’t go to the start and finish straight as you can’t even see bus stop and la source.

    If you ever find youreself in Spa in a non f1 event with Paddock access,(WEC,WSBR,24h Spa) the pit brasserie (you have to buy 4 drink tokens to gain access)is a good spot you can see Blanchimont until La Source.


    Hi there,
    According to my budget, right now there are tickets available just for Gold 2,6 and 9; and Silver 3 (Pouhon).
    Which one do you think would be the best deal?
    Are those Gold grandstands worth the difference over Silver 3?
    Thanks in advance.


    Definitely echo the point about “it depends on what you want”.

    We used to sit at the pit straight at Silverstone (now too expensive). This didn’t give the best possible view of all the racing, but we liked the “extras”. You could see into the pits with the mechanics prepping the cars for the race, the grid being set up, drivers doing TV interviewers, etc. Useful to think about what you want to see when you’re choosing seats – are you wanting to see overtaking; do you want good photos (a view of a far away corner is best for that!); do you want view of pit exit, etc. Everyone is looking for different things from a race weekend so one person’s great seats might be someone else’s disappointing view.

    mark adams

    Personaly i would pick silver 3, the main difference between silver and gold is that there is a roof above your head. is that worth 200 euro, i don’t think so, for my expierence the view from gold 2 is also limited due to the wrong angle of the grandstand you can’t see the car right in front of you; Gold 9 gives you a good vieuw of the start and the pits stops and entry in to la source, Gold 6 gives you a good vieuw over the bus stop and blanchimont, silver 3 gives you a good vieuw over pouhon.

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