Going to the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos

Going to the 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos

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    Discussion area for fans going to the 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos


    I´m from Venezuela, planning travel to my first GP in next november 2014. I need references of HOTELS, TIPS, etc…. to plan a good trip. Hope going together my son (13 years). Thanks!


    Where i can purchase the Tickets? Somebody knows the costs?


    I’m brazilian and I’ll try to help you all.

    You can buy the tickets at http://www.gpbrasil.com.br/ but they are not selling it yet. Avoid buying in others websites, because they charge you more… the website I told is the official one..

    Last year the cheapest one was being sold at U$230 for the three days..


    Thanks a Lot @rpmoreira! Can you recommended any hotel. My email is ezomaru@gmail.com, and twitter @zenzomaru4, to talk more! Gracias


    Will be heading to the Brazilian GP from Australia this year, any tips on accommodation near the track would be greatly appreciated.

    Alex green

    i stayed in the Ibis in the morumbi district of sao paulo,i had a driver each day to the track about 20-30mins but its also close to a metro station and a big shopping mall that had plenty of eating/drinking options

    Here it is http://www.ibis.com/gb/booking/hotels-list.shtml


    Im from the UK but live in Sao Paulo just down the road from Interlagos. Have been to the f1 race there 3 times. Would be happy to help anybody if you have some questions.
    Hilton Hotel is a 20min taxi ride to the track. Hotel transamerica is a 12min taxi ride. There are planty others.
    Sector B is great place to have a ticket if you want to see the cars on the grid up close. Dont forget your earplugs as you are very close to the cars!
    You can see most of the circuit from Sector A but you need to get there early to save a space high up in the grandstand for the best views. (also applies to sector G)
    Check if your grandstand has a roof, if not you will need a hat and suntan lotion and probably waterproofs. It will be summer in November in Sao Paulo which can mean a monsoon downpour most days but usually in the afternoon.
    For eating out get yourself to a Churrascaria. “Fogo de Chau” is one of the best and has various restaurants in the city but its not cheap.
    You should be able to get a taxi from your hotel which will take you right up to the track. Getting back might not be so easy as the taxis will be in high demand. They normally put on a load of buses that will get you away from the track and usually take you to the shopping centre (SP MArket) where you can catch a taxi easier or catch the train which goes up parallel with the river in the direction of the Hilton Hotel.

    Any other questions just ask!


    That’s very helpful, Lee, thanks! I have a question: I’m moving to SP in June/July, so I’ll be attending the GP. What’s the parking situation at Interlagos? I don’t have my housing arranged yet but it seems likely I’ll be living downtown, either Moema or Jardins.

    David Boyce

    Hi everyone,

    Planning to trip to travel around Brazil in November. We are going to scheduled so that we are passing through Sao Paulo when the F1 is on to see the race. We dont want to take 3 days our of our trip for this, but so far can only find tickets for the whole weekend. Doesnt anyone know where you can purchase tickets for just the race day (Sunday)?


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