Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

First race tips

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    you can leave the campsite until Monday 12pm


    I have just had my first experience of a Grand Prix, with my 7 year old son and 70 year old father in law and we had a brilliant time. Hope the following might help others in future years. We were there for the race only so missed the worst of the weather. We watched qualifying on tv and then drove across Saturday afternoon and stayed in the Travelodge in Market Harborough.
    Firstly I had chosen the Northampton park & ride which was about a 25 min drive from where we stayed. We were there at 5am, straight on a bus and queuing to get in to the circuit by 5.45. We walked round to Vale and got a space at the front so were in position by 6.30/6.45 and my son had a great view. It was very muddy but it didn’t really matter but just aswell it didn’t rain anymore.
    We had taken some food and drink and as you might imagine the price of food is high – 2 bacon rolls (the bacon was cold, the rolls a bit dry) and 2 coffees = £11. Say no more but I have been to enough big sporting/concert venues that this was no surprise.
    The noise is just incredible and an amazing experience. Ensure children have ear defenders as my son did and after a few laps I put in ear plugs which still allow you to experience the noise but take the edge off it.
    The 3 support races were well worth watching and the 6 hours we were there before the F1 start went very quickly.
    Then after the race, back to the park & ride and we were back in our car and away by just after 4pm. I would definitely recommend the park & ride – worked extremely well for us.
    If not next year I would definitely like to go again, perhaps when my son is a little older. After a 4am wake up call it was a long day for him and he was shattered by the time we got back to the car. Might contemplate paying a bit more for a grandstand seat next time to get a wider view of the action.


    Sorry if this is a silly question, but …….

    I’ve just bought 3 day tickets for next year but will only be going on the Saturday and Sunday. How does the ‘roaming grandstand’ work on the Saturday? I’ll be with someone with limited mobility so could do with sitting in the seats we’ve booked, but I get the impression its first-come first-served and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a reserved seat or not.

    Is this right?


    Ho Carl, yes thats correct, only sunday do you use your allocated seat.


    Thanks Nige.


    just a quick one regarding ear defenders. I went to the GP in 2009 and 2011 and in both cases i found the support races kind of built you up to be able to withstand the sheer ferocity of an F1 engine.
    I genuinely thought the formula BMW engines were the loudest things i’v ever heard and then gp3 came along… the engines steadily grew louder and louder and by the time you get to the GP, your ears are fairly accustomed to it.

    Nothing matches the sound of an f1 engine, so if you’re not planning on seeing support races, ear defenders are a damn good idea, however you should be fine without if you’ve been watching all the support races.

    I’ll definitely reiterate the getting there early for general admission, i arrived at 06:30 on race day and struggled for a 3rd/4th row spot anywhere.

    the park and ride is brilliant. most of the sites are a good 10 miles outside of the circuit, so you won’t experience too much traffic driving down and then the buses run pretty regularly between there and the middle of the circuit.

    do not rely on weather forecasts… prepare for all weather. in 2011, we got an absolute deluge before the race and then ended up sun bathing on the grass after the race.

    Take food and drink, especially for general admission, you risk losing your hard earned spot while queuing for food and drink, plus it’s quite pricey.

    after the podium ceremony, providing there’s no classic car races, get onto the track and walk to the pit straight, there’s great photo oppertunites with mechanics on the pit wall, cars coming in and outof scrutineering and then being taken apart in the garages.

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