Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    enjoying reading everyones posts about the forthcoming British GP! nervous excitement is building now and I can NOT wait for the race. The weather is only going to add to the spectacle.
    This will be my first F1 experience and I am just pondering my position for the race. I have got general admission tickets for sunday and Im thinking Luffield is going to be the best (fold up fishing)seat in the house ?? DRS zone through Village then in to Luffield and accelerate out Woodcote. This is why im thinking in that Luffield complex?
    Where is everyone else with GA tickets planning to go?


    SO who else is camping with “campingf1”. I plan to drive up tomorrow just debating whether to take usual car or the OH’s x-trail.

    Has anyone stayed in this campsite before in the wet?
    How good/bad is it?

    Last year I was camping with virgin and being on a sports pitch (as well as less rain I guess) wetness wasn’t an issue — good drainage. But bad drainage and lots of driving over can make things very tricky.

    Nigel ( @planetf1)


    Hi all,

    I’m heading to the British GP for the first time this year. Unfortunately I can only go on Friday. I’ve read through all the previous posts and formulated a bit of a plan for GA on Friday. Do you guys agree with this…
    1. Village – good spot for GA as you get to see the complex and accelerate away.
    2. Luffield – good GA spot for the complex
    3. Becketts – good GA spot for high speed
    4. Vale – avoid it as there is a limited view

    Does that info sound ok to most people? Any other tips to get a good view? My priority is trying to see the cars through the high speed Maggots-Becketts, and then hopefully a bit through slow speed through the complex.

    Any help/advice would be welcome guys as it will be my first time at the circuit.

    Also is there any planned F1Fanatic meet up planned on Friday? I’d definitely be up for that. It was great to meet @keithcollantine at the FOTA event at Williams F1 HQ, and would like to meet other F1F’s at Silverstone.

    Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget your wellies!!


    Nigel, I am staying at Campingf1, its my first GP, although I did drive passed it a while back and it is a fair distance from the circuit, so you will have to get up really really early to get to the circuit! However we will all be in it together!! So see you there!


    you get an excellent view @ Vale


    Hi all

    Just found out today that thanks to my boss I’m a lucky recipient of a Grandstand ticket on Sunday!

    Any tips for a solo female for what to do during the day, particularly as it’s looking like it’s going to chuck it down?


    Mark O’Donnell

    I’m sitting at Abbey. Cannot wait!


    I’m sitting at Abbey. Cannot wait!


    Mark O’Donnell

    Why not! Its covered…..!

    David Buck

    Can’t believe my boss has got us three day paddock club tickets, I’m still shaking


    @th13teen should see you there then…

    Yes it’s a fair way – about 1.5 miles I think. Not sure what walk is like,mostly along road and then past camping into circuit I’d guess.

    I have to be at the track before 7 on saturday. That will be fun. :-(


    @th13teen should see you there then…

    Yes it’s a fair way – about 1.5 miles I think. Not sure what walk is like,mostly along road and then past camping into circuit I’d guess.

    I have to be at the track before 7 on saturday. That will be fun. :-(

    James F

    I have just found out I have won 3 day Grandstand tickets from a competition I entered. My only problem is I cant actually make the Friday and Saturday but was hoping to give the tickets to my Dad and Brother for these days then I was going to go with one of them on the Sunday. Does anyone know if I will have any problems doing this? Someone at work mentioned it wont be possible as you get given a wrisband. But the tickets terms does seem to state anything about this. hope someone can help with this? Thanks!


    I got Gold Club tickets for Sunday but seem to be the only one here not camping!

    Anyone got any advice for driving in on race day? Its my first time and I’m struggling to figure out my timings. I’m nervous I will miss something. I’ll be driving in from Buckinghamshire along the M40 and have an onsite parking permit, what is the car park like is it desingated places or people just parking wherever?

    I got seated tickets so I guess I won’t have to queue to get in?

    Anything I should bring? I’ve got my wet weather gear, camera, binoculars, ear plugs and obviously tickets!

    Should I take food and drink or just buy it when I get there?

    Thanks for the help, lets all have a great race! Personally I’m hoping for a Red Bull 1 – 2 as I have my photo on the car!

    James Cole

    Hi, a workmate just sold me his GA ticket for the race because he can’t go. I’m getting a coach from Manchester so there’s no way I’ll be able to arrive early. My plan for the race is basically to roam from Vale round to Copse and back taking as many pictures as I can, assuming the GA area is continuous like the circuit map says? Is this a terrible idea? I know I can’t get one good viewing place so I figured wandering around the track would be the next best option. I also know nothing about the layout of the paddock areas, is there a trade stand type area anywhere in the circuit? I assume toilets and food stalls are distributed around the track? Thanks for your help and advice, I’ve enjoyed this tread so far!

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