Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    This year will be my second ever grand prix, having been to the British GP last year. I met up with some twitter friends, and it has to be said, it was a *roaring* success!! Will be doing the same this year, and will be meeting yet more Twitter friends and hopefully a few fanatics too.

    It’ll be a great weekend. Hopefully the weather holds off though. We were near being washed away last year. (I might be slightly exaggerating there. :P)


    Thanks Mcfosi, i have done a few abroad, Zandvoort several times, Spa, Austria, Zolder and i was at Long Beach for Nelson Piquets first win. My first BGP was 1975, i remember it well standing at copse getting absolutely soaked.


    I attended my first British GP last year and stayed at Woodlands – as many have already said really nice site with great facilities but it is very busy – you need to time when you’re going to the showers just right to miss the queues.

    To give new people an idea I arrived around 4:00pm on the Thursday, obviously there was already a lot of people already there, we opted for family camping as lively is very lively and loud! Even in family camping we were still only a five minute walk from an entrance to the circuit. If anything we were better placed as the entrance we used was a lot smaller and there was hardly any queue unlike the main campsite entrance.

    I can not wait until this year, got a big group of people going this year so its going to be great.


    Been great reading all of the posts on here as stated this will be my families 1st GP ever after following F1 for the last 30 years we will be staying at woodlands also in family camping we are going to arrive at about 1 pm on Wednesday, does anyone know what the shop stocks and how accessible it is plz.


    @OllyF1uk The shop stock’s everything you should need but at a price. As you would expect, you pay more at the onsite shop as it has a captive audiance. The shop has most camping stiff including BBQ’s, Chairs, Beds etc, then a food section and ice (much needed if you have no hook-up), then usual stuff like papers etc. As with the showers make sure you go early or last thing at night (shops open around 8am-7pm is I think) as the que can be massive. The shop is right next to the main entrance to the campsite.

    Another option is to make a trip to Tesco in Buckingham once your all set up camp, it’s only around 15/20minutes drive (that’s on the Thur before the one way system is in place) and of course it’s much cheaper and has more to offer.

    I may well see you around as I’m booked in to Woodlands again this year, cant wait :-)


    I am going to silverstone this year and I am staying at ‘campingf1’ I know its a fair distance but can anyone advise me whether its alright or not? I don’t want to be getting the shuttle on race day because I only have GA therefore I want to get a good spot.
    From what I can tell you can get GA next to the main straight, if so how early do you really have to be? (not what time die hards get there but what time do you have to get there for a GOOD spot?’
    I was looking at vale for the main race or the main straight (if possible) or luffield, but which would you reccomend? Thanks, Jack!


    One great tip for getting from camping sites and around the track etc. is to take your bikes, they’re allowed into the circuit and especially for getting to the track on Sunday morning as the traffic is horrendous. I have been to the British Grand Prix twice, in 2009 and 2011 and both times having the bikes were fantastic. Even when just going to the toilets after each session. You got ahead of everyone walking.


    @th13teen There are lots more GA area’s than advertised, I really wanted to sit on the gravel between Club and the international pit straight last year but was told it was noy a GA area and must be left clear, however on the Sun it was packed! This area is as close as you will get to the international straight (if that’s the straight your talking about) due to all the stands.

    The other straight (Hanger) has a GA area that runs the whole way along it from Becketts to Stowe, however this in reality is a raised bank that has a drop at the back of around 6/7ft. There is a path along this bank that most people use so that they can see action while walking, the path is only around 10ft wide so I would imagine on race day it gets packed very quickly.

    Last year I went GA to Luffield, this area in paved steps and it was full at 6:15!!!! I got up at 4am walked to the closest gate for 5am, then when they opened the gates ran to my seat…. I got to the very front of Luffield and had a great seat, but as I tried to open my seat people were just forcing thier way in and it ended up very cramped and was a pain when it started to rain and everyone opened thier umbrellas!

    I think GA is a great idea if you are prepared to get up early, the way I looked at it was that I had paid all that money to get in so I could handle getting up early one day (even though I didnt go to bed until 3:15am!) This year however I’m having a lie in and sitting in Club.

    What ever you do your going to have an amazing weekend as the atmosphere is just something else. :-)


    So you would say Luffield, although crowded is a good place?
    Is it a good area to see a fair bit of the track (In GA terms!) Obviously being my first time I am not sure what I really want to see on race day! The start, and Overtaking area like Luffield or the Last corner at Vale and Club where I would have a chance of seeing the podium when they open up the circuit?!
    What areas produce good overtaking?
    I personally like the sound of Vale because you would have a chance of seeing the podium at the end!


    @ th13teen Vale is a great stand to see overtaking… plus you can see the pitlane entry. The GA didn’t look too crowded but I’d say get there early as the view might be restricted in places.


    I am right in thinking last year they let many GA go right up to the podium at the end right?
    If it is right about bikes being allowed that will be a huge help! I really cannot wait to go, its just I am a panicer because I always want the BEST for my money, as we all do!


    I have just seen the long range weather forcast for Silverstone…Dry, warm and sunny all weekend..!

    Thay have also reduced the price of the food by half, reduced the cost of the beer by 60%, guaranteed no traffic jams, tarmaced all the rubble paths, doubled the size and quantity of the screens and built 20 more toilet blocks…..!

    Then I woke up……..Bugga. ……….I still love it though :o) IT`S BRILLIANT…!


    The weather in 2010 was so nice we were grateful for getting a seat under cover, not to keep dry but to give us some shade.
    But the rubble paths were shocking and the queue for the toilets painful… especially the Ladies. However, there was no queue for the Women’s showers on our campsite.


    OK. After hours (and hours) of delibration and differing opinions I have finally booked our seats (Becketts Platinum 3-day).

    Next, it’s the campsite. Which is best?

    – Silverstone’s own – ‘Woodlands’?
    – ‘Whittlebury Park’ (which is closest to Becketts I think)
    – Hamilton Fields
    – Any other

    I realise everyone has different opinions but please let me have them as I’m stumbling about like a new-born fowl on this one!!




    @th13teen I loved sitting at Luffield, the cars slow up to go round the corner so you get a really good look at them, then they excelerate away from you. There was not loads of overtaking, but in the rain some of the cars went off into the gravel.

    I would say that if you are staying for three days, use the Friday to walk the whole way round the track. I felt the same as you last year and didnt really understand the viewing situation even though I knew the track layout. Start off early then watch practice and support races from lots of different spots and find the area that feels best for you (it’s a personal thing)

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