Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2012 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Endured the Camping at Woodlands arrived on Thursday with the knowledge of the problems to come due to the good info sent out from Silverstone so was prepared. On entering the circuit and being lined up ready to go up to Field H to park spoke to the guy in the car in front of me, he was totally unaware of any problems and his car was packed full of stuff which needed to be carried down to where you pitched your tent, he didn’t look to pleased. Then the rain came and turned it into a mud bath with thousands of people walking around there was only one result sludge. I was deading leaving because I envisaged what would happen and it did with tractors dragging cars out the driving areas became plowed fields, Then into the fields came a load of young people from I think Buckingham rugby club but not sure and were running round pushing people out covered in mud. I waved the shout went up “there’s one ” they all came running down and out I went. Can’t thank them enough tried to give them some money but they wouldn’t take it. They were Exceptional young guy’s and girl’s.

    Daniel Lavender

    Can anyone suggest another european grand prix to go to??? As I am done with silverstone, looking at Belgium, Hungry or Germany maybe???


    I am looking at the Circuit De Catalunya for next year, with a combination with a trip to Salou!!
    However the experience was great but I don’t wan’t to do another grand prix! and thats not because of the weather!


    Thanks for joining in here everyone. This thread is now closed and the thread for 2013 can be found here:

    Going to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Viewing 4 posts - 286 through 289 (of 289 total)
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