Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I will look in to these :-)

    ross bell

    Booking soon, general admission, camping, the way to go!

    S.J. Madeiros

    First time at Silverstone since 05 when JPM won. I’m sure so much as changed. Booking Club band 3, looks fantastic on the interactive viewing map with cars coming out of stowe into the club corner going onto the start finish line with views all the way down the pistraight. Pit Lane and Podium look to be an added bonus.

    Should be fun but hopefully the weather holds off unlike the swamp that was the Silverstone circuit in 2012.


    I see it’s been provisionally put back a week, after I’d booked hotel rooms for the 6th July !!! Now, surprise, surprise, nothing available at a decent price for the 30th June ! Cheers Bernie !!!! :-(((((((((((((

    Caroline Miles

    The dates are only ever provisional when first announced – we got caught out with Monaco a couple of years ago. From experience we have found that Premier Inn do not release all their rooms and quite often we book a hotel that is coming up as the closest available now and then keep checking nearer the time to see if we can find anything nearer. If you book on the option to cancel without penalty this means you can try and get closer – I am sure quite a lot of people block book rooms and then cancel when not required. We have always managed to get far closer than we originally start out with.


    I got fairly close to the P&R this year, and yes I’m pretty sure I can cancel my existing booking. Just hope that some other rooms become available or I may have to descend upon my Northants relatives !!


    Feeling good for 2013 , 2012was a disaster for us but then got in on race day with a tour of force India factory then got home and won tickets for 2013 .
    Soooo happy , was planing to go to good wood instead next year , oh well ! :)))))


    I have a question, I think I know the answer but do grandstand tickets get sold for Saturday or can you only get them through a 3 day ticket?!


    a 3 day ticket gives u a grandstand seat for the sunday & a roving pass for the friday & saturday so you can take ur pick of grandstands for the qualifiers i think …
    im lookin into going for my 1st time next year , has anyone got any advice on which grandstand to go for ? im swaying towards club,becketts or woodcote at the mo … also thinking of camping on litchlake? any camping advice would be appreciated … thanx guys


    Correct, a weekend ticket gets you in “most” grandstands on the Friday and Saturday and your ticket seat for Sunday. Not sure how GA tickets work….I think you can get into grandstands on Friday but not Saturday ? Be warned though, the popular grandstands (IPS and Abbey) fill up early on qually day and some sections of Abbey were “unavailable” even though there were obviously huge great sections of empty seats….reserved for sponsors/corporate peeps probably who didn’t even bother turning up !!!
    Woodcote is a good grandstand, but can’t remember whether it is A or B from which you can see the cars coming down Wellington Straight and all the way round Luffield. After falling foul of a ticket company collapse this year we ended up in Farm Curve, which was OK, and we were VERY lucky as it had chucked it down for 2 days, but actually got sunburned on race day in this uncovered grandsatnd :-)
    A mate was in Club from which she got some good shots of the podium. My choice this year would probably be Abbey, which is where I’d originally booked this year.


    bad news about your tickets! who did u book them with ? ….
    i think its woodcote A thats directly opposite wellington by the looks of it on the circuit map, looks like a good spot but im swaying towards club corner band 2 or 3 i think …ive heard they open the track to the public after the race.. do they let everyone on the track or just people who are sat in the pit straight grandstand?
    also do you have any advice on best campsites mate? cheers :)


    Woodcote A is a great stand which has good views down Wellington straight. Abbey is also a great seat. Was there this year. Next year have booked Club, which we sat in for Quali, really good views and i think the best stand of the lot.


    We always camp on Litchlake in our caravan, it is the nearest site to the circuit, it runs right alongside the main entrance road, with a footbridge that takes you across the road, 10 minutes easy walking and you are in . . . .
    Litchlake has everything you need, decent showers, plenty of fast food outlets and stalls with all the usual F1 stuff.
    Some of the other camp sites are a real yomp away from the circuit, so this one really suits us as we are in the ‘more mature fan’ category. :-((
    Our favourite grandstand is Luffield B for the race.

    ross bell

    any tips for a first time general admission-er and camper? Probably going to go for litchlake that @silverfan said seems to look good nice and close, anyone know of a way to get from milton keynes train station to the campsite?


    To LewisMercBenz, it was a company called SimplyTheTicket, which, I believe is no longer trading. Luckily, the credit card company re-imbursed me the money. I’ll be getting mine directly from Silverstone from now on !

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