Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    i was wondering if anyone can give me advise on which tickets are good to buy for my husband as a 40 th birthday present, im looking at pit straight through tjomas cook sport which includes hotel acc, any help would be greatly received as i dont really alot about F1. thanks

    David Booth

    Hi all,

    Having attended the Belgium GP in 2011 my addiction to F1 reached Fanatical levels!

    A group of us had GA tickets and camped having one of the best weekends ever. My wife was heavily pregnant this summer so we had to miss out on a trip this season, but after giving birth to our son Sebastian in September we are thinking of attending the 2013 British GP. The fountain of knowledge that the users on this forum provide allowed me to plan a truly brilliant weekend and I’m here again to tap in to this. Firstly I plan to buy GA tickets and camp again so am fully aware of what to expect, a brilliant atmosphere that can only be added to with so many of us hardy Brits. What I would like to know is where people would recommend to camp, I have a short list as follows:

    • Hamilton Fields
    • Silverstone Golf Club
    • Woodlands Campsite

    At the minute my wife and I are open minded as to whether we bring Sebastian along and I’m guessing that if we did Woodlands may not suit a 1 year old child. Any information anyone can provide allowing us to plan a trip as good as Belgium would be gratefully received.

    Many Thanks,


    Hi, I’m off to silverstone again this year its all booked. 3 day ticket from silverstone website, now if you dont mind driving to the track why not stay at a premier inn as close as you can .I allways stay at coventry ( about an hour away with traffic). The only problem is the closer you get the more expensive it gets but its just a thought. Tickets wise this year i’ve booked for club,very expensive at £360 for 3 days but well worth it. G A is around £ 165 only problem being is the good old british weather.for the past 2 yrs i’ve been totally wet through! If you can afford it buy a grandstand ticket. Becketts is a great stand but again expensive. If you love F1 you’ve just got to go its well amazing! see you there. Grinchy.


    Since the germans are making a mess of the German GP 2013, we’re thinking about going to Silverstone next year in stead.
    Is stand Village B any good for viewing?
    I’ve got the following “demands”:
    – covered (you’ll never how many cats and dogs it is raining in UK, see 2012)
    – high chance of overteaking (usually at the end of a long straight)
    – good view on a TV screen (to follow qualifying and the rest of the race)


    Hi all, your help is needed with a very expensive mistake. We have bought 3 x International Pits Straight tickets for the weekend before the dates were changed. Total cost £1033.50. Because we are away the weekend that that it has been moved to, and I can’t get a refund from Silverstone, I’m faced with swallowing the loss.

    What options are open to me, based on your experience, officially or unofficially?

    At this point I’d be delighted to take a bath for a few hundred quid and put it down to experience, but a grand would be a little too much to swallow.

    Many thanks in advance


    Booked me & my friends 2013 tickets today! Very happy (& v.expensive, but that’s what I get for choosing a grandstand at Abbey I suppose lol). Camping again so hoping for a little less mud & rain this time. :)

    Martin Farrington

    Sitting at village B and staying at Litchlake campsite.;)


    Got my tickets booked too! Club corner and camping at Woodlands again. Loved it last year despite the rain, although it would be nice if it was drier this year!


    @funkmaster Surprised to hear Silverstone won’t give you a refund this far ahead of the event. What’s their reason?


    Was told that the T&C’s state that there are no refunds under any circumstances.
    IMO, there should be the option given to get a refund should the date get moved. Once the date is set in stone, then it’s fair enough.

    My dealings with Silverstone are limited, however there does seem to be an arrogance that disappoints the new F1 enthusiast such as ourselves.


    I understand the frustration with the date change and how this can be an expensive issue if you can’t make the new dates, but have to say Silverstone has always made it clear that there are no refunds for this reason. I guess they would say that as the F1 calendar is usually ratified December if your not sure don’t book until after then, and I can understand that approach. I have been going for about 16 years and can only think of twice it has changed date, so usually you are pretty safe, however I never take on any commitments within 2-3 weeks either side of the provisional date just in case.

    Probably your best option to get out of the situation is to put the tickets up for sale on eBay or hope another fanatic can find a home for them.

    Good luck.


    I just do not understand why people would buy tickets from anywhere other than the official silverstone website. Its all there for you. Interactive grandstand map, camping, park and ride. Take your pick.
    For facilities etc Whittlebury is easily the best and they were the only site who stayed open last year even allowing everyone to park next to the tent.

    Liam Stroud

    Decided to go for Friday Practice as Christmas presents again.

    Cannot wait. FORZA FERRARI!

    Rachel Clarke

    Booked my ticket this morning. Becketts again.


    A few of us are eyeing up the 3 days with camping. I’ve never been to my home GP but fortunately some of the others are well-versed so I am going by their previous experiences

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