Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Do they sell F1 Radios at Silverstone, and if so how much are they…Not sure I trust brining my own deivce to use for Radio!


    Thanks for that @mick61. I can imagine that area (Club to Abbey) being busy, especially for qualifying. And I agree, although ticket sales are down, don’t assume it will be easier to get a good seat.

    Caroline Miles

    Re Roving tickets you can only get into part of Becketts – Club Silverstone section is not available.

    Silverstone did sell radios last year – seem to think they were around £10-£12. Think ticket sales are down as a result of last year’s appalling weather and problems and the cost of tickets, particularly race day alone. We have 3 day tickets which whilst expensive when spread over 3 days are not too bad, but having purchased tickets as a big birthday present for my sister x 2 for race day they have cost about £50 less than the 3 day ticket. Having said that, being lucky enough to have gone to races in other countries, the British GP is still the best for the fans. The atmosphere on race day and the support the British drivers get is brilliant. Roll on Thursday evening.


    Thanks very much, well about those Radios can I just use my Phones radio, or something of that degree or is Silverstone Radio a bit iffy with other products other than Silverstone official?


    @Caroline12 Agree with you about the British GP. In recent years my son and I have been getting two races in a year and the atmosphere at Silverstone is the best. Also agree the big increase in ticket cost is the biggest reason for sales being down this year. But add in travel costs and everything else and Silverstone is still the cheapest one we book each year. Trouble is it is getting closer and one weekend is spent in a muddy field in Northamptonshire and the other is spent in the sun in a nice location (Barcelona this year).

    Caroline Miles

    Any radio will work, you don’t have to buy a Silverstone radio, but they are lightweight and small so saves having to take something more robust. Signal is a bit hit and miss – driving in to the circuit the signs are up saying Silverstone radio and giving you the setting, but until we get pretty much onto the circuit we never seem to be able to get a signal, coupled with this you get the local traffic which can be frustrating when you are trying to listen to something at the circuit, but well worth having, especially if you are not near a screen as you still know what is happening.

    Mick – You are right, although every year my husband says that it is it, we get home from the race and I have to book for the following year on the early bird!

    The weather forecast looks good so you never know, still may bring a few more people out who are currently sat on the fence about attending.

    Alex green

    I must admit to being the opposite,every year i say “thats it im not going back”
    Then if im in country i end up going


    We have tickets for the Saturday. I don’t foresee any of the parking problems of last year but how long are the traffic jams at around 9am on Saturday?


    I’m wondering how bad the traffic is going to be too. We went to Nurburgring a few years back and got stuck in a three hour jam. Hoping it won’t be quite that bad!

    Friday now wet, apparently. Weekend still looks fine.


    Not looking forward to this rain coming in for Thursday and Friday, It hopefully wont put a dampner on the weekend…Just a shame because they won’t come out on Friday if its wet like predicted! Shame, mind you the weekend (If it holds up) Will be fine and by no where to the standards of last year, just a shame Friday will be more consistent rain rather than showers like earlier predicted in the week!


    Im thinking about going to! All the way from Mexico…
    If you need a website to purchase your tickets I recommend this one http://www.mainseats.com/Formula-One#.UcthS82AZs8 it’s where i’m gonna buy mine!


    This will be my 3rd visit to Silverstone and 2nd this year (previously attended WEC), but my 1st F1 Grand Prix. I wasn’t actually planning on going this year, next year was going to be my first race but I am going as a guest of the FOM and have seats on the International Pit Straight with a free Paddock Pass.

    Charlotte D

    This is my first year at Silverstone with my six year old twins. They are so excited and watch all the races over and over. Any advice on mud… we are going tomorrow and the weather looks OK but clearly dismal today. Is it concreted or will we all need wellies? My husband & I can cope but 2 wet & muddy kids may spoil the day a little! Any advice welcome!


    Top weekend, despite the rain on Friday. Park and Ride operated with no problems and relatively few hold-ups en route. A bit frustrating to be herded off the buses into one queue, instead of being able to get across the road and into Gate 19, but the queue kept moving and it was fairly straightforward getting in.
    The circuit, facilities, food, loos, entertainment, atmosphere etc remain the BEST in my limited experience (Spa, Monza and Barca……..all fab experiences but crap facilities).
    I had one of those cricket commentary ear-radios and picked up Silverstone radio (87.7FM) no problem although the volume wasn’t great, so for a mere £8 I bought a Silverstone radio and found it a brilliant substitute for the much-missed FanVision. The volume was fantastic for a small set and could be heard above the noise of the cars….definitely recommend them !
    I have the F1 timing App, which is pretty nifty….IF you can get a 3G signal, which isn’t easy in a covered grandstand (didn’t manage it at all in Woodcote today, so was thankful for the radio).
    All in all a great weekend….struggling to think what could be improved (apart from ticket prices of course ) ;-)


    Brilliant weekend for my first F1 race. I thought the atmosphere was brilliant. I managed to get in without any traffic on the way in, the way out was a different story.
    The paddock was brilliant. Saw Stirling Moss, Pat Symonds, Carol Vordermon, Chris Evans, Charles Pic, Pedro de la Rosa, had my picture with Eddie Jordan and Heikki Kovalainen, the list goes on.
    The bus services to a fro paddock was superb and the staff were very friendly. I would love to go to another British GP.
    I think the overall coverage from my seat was brilliant, I was on the international pit straight, directly in line with the start line and pole position and opposite Vettel’s garage. I have some brilliant pictures from the F1, GP2, GP3 and Vettel’s stopped car as well.

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